Baby & Baby-Momma Matchup: Halle & Nahla vs Ale & Anja vs J. Alba & Honor

Photo Credit: KADENA PIX/

There are few things life better than a quality three-way, so we figured you guys might dig this matchup.

See more of Alessandra & Anja here & here.

See more of Jessica & Honor here & here.

Below are pics from Halle Berry’s vacation in Miami Beach with baby-daddy Gabriel Aubry. These were snapped earlier today.

  • Rhonda


  • Leni

    Definitely Halle and Nahla.

  • Boz

    you guys are gonna be very sorry if Anja grow up and turns into a hot woman…

  • iambastard

    Kate Beckinsale and whatever her kids are.

  • Horsedick.mpeg

    wow Gabriel Aubrey is fine y’all. That’s my Britney Spears expression

  • Boz

    + Monica Bellucci and her daughter.

  • Goliano

    Nahla is taken from the arabic word “Menhal” which means: the place of drinking water

    Maybe she pees on ’em a lot.

  • Goliano

    Halle and Nahla no matter what the typically biased vote shows.

  • d55

    oh and Berry’s baby will be very good looking…look at those features but her mother looks nothing special…she actually looks like shit.

  • d55

    she looks like shit HERE, though cuz she is not made up. I felt the need to clarify that haha…man, i am extra thoughtful today.

  • Razer Rick

    Ale & Anja = Beauty & THe Beast

  • AlinaMaria

    That is so MEAN!!!!!

  • Mundo

    Well I’m not particularly impressed with any of this females, except maybe Halle, but one thing I’d like to know, is where the fuck do they come out with this fucked names, Dammed poor kids. Nalha? that almost sounds like Nalga, which in spanish is Ass cheek. Anja? and Honor? I had sex with Honor…I can just hear that from her man, when she gets her first lay…I know it’s still a long time from now, but it will come…

  • d55

    you’re Pam, aren’t you?

  • skilligan

    Halle & Nahla wins in a landslide

  • Angus

    Nahla wins hands down everyday all day.
    She is the number one baby and she knows it.

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a

    The hottest mother is Alessandra Ambrósio in my opinion, but Halle and Jéssica are gorgeous too.

    All the babies are damn cute.

    Oh, and Halle’s husband is blazing hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the kitten

    halle and her dude are probably the hottest couple ive ever seen. i would totally have sex with both of them. and their baby is the cutest baby ive ever seen, look her looks like a fuckin angel. shes going to be a beautiful girl. and rich. lucky

  • jennyla

    well, i pick alessandra ambrosio just because but jessica alba’s baby looks so much like cash warren.

  • Uncertified Bastard

    Hey, bastard, my name is Anja too! That’s a Slavic pet form of Ana so shut up.

  • Goliano

    Then you’d better figure out whatever means ‘Ana’, in Spanish, if you ever visit Latin America. Else get used to be known as butt cheek. LOL!