Kristin Cavallari & Stephanie Pratt (Who?!) Filming “The Hills”

I’m not going to focus any news on these two chicks but rather I wanted to report on Lauren Conrad and her book, “L.A. Candy”. Well, looks like she’s been whoring herself out enough that it has made the New York Times Best Sellers list! (Check the “Chapter Books”) What. The. Fuck?!? Source

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    This isn’t a match up but it’s win for Kristin anyways. She’s blatantly hot…

  • Happy Sam

    Beautiful girls.

  • wow

    stephanie pratt recently had ALOT of work done! from the looks of things NOSE JOB, hair extensions, and spray on tan.. prpb more.. these just REALLY stood out! oh and anorexic?bulimic.. bitch dropped weight FAST

  • miley virus

    who actually watches the hills? and why?

  • sandra

    Stepanie Pratt got a nosejob, not sure if it looks worse or better

  • walt disney

    i would stick my penis in both of these white women. i wonder though, if i bones stephanie, would me penis come out with self tanner on it?

  • Kristin

    Nice legs on Kristin C. :-))

  • Player

    $29 bucks for both cheap hos

  • Kristin

    Sandals with high heels? Umm.. I think that is Stephanie wearing the sandals.

  • sandra

    Kristin looks alot better tough

  • FoxyRoxy

    Well, they don’t look too happy hanging out together.
    Kristin’s toes don’t look too happy in those sandals.

  • Eto Demerzel

    Is it just me or is the look on kristin face in pic 2 pg 2 screaming can i get away from this loser whore NOW.

  • Masha the crusher

    both of them are mediocre…take of the glasses, the bag and high heels from Cavallari and there u go…no more Cavallari….only fat blond midget left…Pratt is just Pratt