Hot or Not: Shea Fisher @ “G-Force” Premiere in L.A.

These were snapped a couple days back.

Since we haven’t posted up Shea Fisher before, here’s some info off her MySpace page:

Ten years later, just 21 years old, Shea is fulfilling that dream, introducing her own brand of cutting-edge country to American music fans. In between, she followed a path Reba knew well, singing the national anthem—in this case Australia’s—at rodeo events, then hitting the road to pay the dues that would earn her a growing legion of fans as she polished her performing and songwriting skills.

Her American debut, Shea, showcases an emerging artist with a clear sense of identity, combining youthful energy and a seasoned performer’s way with a lyric. They are qualities that made her the first female signing to Stroudavarious Records. [Read more]