CONFIRMED: Evan Rachel Wood is a Total Freak! God Damn!

These were snapped a week back at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Apparently Evan got a lil’ tipsy and went on stage with her boyfriend Shane West while his band “Shane West & The Germs” performed their set. As you can see from these pics, Evan Rachel Wood learned a lot about how to be a freaky groupie from her ex-manfriend Marilyn Manson.

  • jennyla

    that’s hot. She kind of annoys me, makes me want to steal her boyfriend. What an annoying cunt.

  • Jan

    Darby Crash would make Shane West suck his cock and then he would break a beer bottle over his head. Evan Rachel Wood is a coke-freak and Shane West is a poseur. Lame.

  • Hannah C.

    damn. shane is hot.

  • FoxyRoxy

    I love her and her boyfriend looks hot. Good for her. And she’s not a whore, just horny, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m glad she’s back to her old look, I wasn’t digging the whole Dita Von Teese thing she had going on.

  • AlinaMaria

    Yeah she’s hot

  • d_jologs

    sexy hot

  • cookie

    Evan Rachel Wood is attractive enough to be as freaky as she wants

  • Bia

    Shane is her boyfriend. SOOOO???????
    What’s the problem!
    you cannot touch your boyfriend?
    I think they are both hot!!!!!! VERY HOT!!!
    I did not taken nude pics for a magazine like Evan.
    But if my man was on stage and if he challenges me to dance with him one of the songs. Of course I also leave my mark of ownership. She is Shane’s Girlfriend … girlfriend … she’s not a groupie like the 2nd article said. It’s horrible not only for Evan, but for Shane too.
    I understand why Evan did it on stage. Someone here could resist a man, a boyfriend like Shane??? Shane is one of the most sexy and attractive men of today.
    I know she’s a little crazy and she was little tipsy that night. But someone believe that Shane put his foot in her *****!

  • hornyjohn

    I like the way she’s assorted her dress and her underwear. Clever

  • Eto Demerzel

    blame it on marilyn..

  • Sonja (Bia’s sister)

    So what, we see people’s underwear everyday, lol
    At least she’s wearing them

  • Bolt Uprite


  • Big Papi

    yeah, she’s been mansoned. he might as well have broke it out and she could fellate him for the crowd….aka chloe sevigny in the brown bunny hahah

  • jennyla

    eeeew wait nevermind! Thats SHANE WEST. WTF?! It doesn’t look like him at all in this pic. I fucking hate Shane West.

  • Xatalia

    Love her!!