Breaking!! Gretchen Rossi’s Beach Workout Sponsored By Nike!!

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Remember this chick from that “Housewives of Orange County” show on Bravo? Gretchen Rossi came to reality TV D-list fame by way of taking care of some really old millionaire dude who was suffering from cancer. He later passed away & Gretchen cashed in her Dying Sugar Daddy Chips. Not too bad, right?

These days Gretchen’s sleeping around with Slade Smiley, who’s currently starring in another reality show called “Date My Ex.”

  • tigerstylz

    she’s in good shape…

  • skilligan

    body is looking good but we need an ass shot mixed in

  • Eto Demerzel

    pass alot better d and e lister out there..

    feel sorry for the fool that gets trapped by this one..

  • Mundo

    This are not good photos if there’s no ass shots…although what is there, looks pretty good…

  • miley virus


  • gabriella

    so I wanna know why she is still wearing her dead fiance’s engagement ring…pretty fucked up seeing as she’s screwing another guy these days…she’s a gold-digging bitch, but she does look good here damnit

  • 4me2u

    i second that.. the last part, that is..

  • Xatalia

    stupid brainless american’s

  • WeakForEmily

    Don’t know anything about her, Don’t want to; however, she picked a great outfit to show off a tight body.