Bikini Pics! Elisabetta Canalis Makes Smoking Look Sexy! OW!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

First of all, excuse the flood of Elisabetta Canalis pics—we’re just playing catch-up. Plus, George Clooney will probably dump her for another hottie in a month, so enjoy the hotness while its available.

Anyway, on the topic of chicks who smoke: As we’ve stated on numerous occasions over the years, chicks who smoke are proven to be kinkier than chicks who don’t. I know, it’s totally a generalized statement that will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to backup, but I’m saying this purely from personal experience. Anyone else also notice this in their own experiences?
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • skilligan

    i think she’s better then alright, closer to fantastic

  • horny guy

    damn you george clooney…I got next

  • Sweeny

    Eeeeuuuuwww…. random tats!!! not hot, but apart from that she’s fine.

  • SILIS101

    i’d smoke that ass