Weekend Love: Blake Lively & Maria Menounos Bikini Pics! Ow!

Blake has been in NYC for the past few weeks filming “Gossip Girl,” so obviously these are really old—not that you guys give a shit or anything…

  • JonYo

    Most people seem to agree that Blake has a nice body, but I don’t get the cracks about her face. I think her face looks great too. I don’t care bout the blonde vs brunette thing, but couple her blonde hair with her taller than average frame, and we’re talking about some serious amazonian goodness.

    Blake Lively and a cute greek girl, it’s a win/win!

  • gi

    maria is soooo pretty and has such a good body

  • ladylazarus

    ew at blake’s face.. she looks like a dude and is odee broken out. what’s so special about her legs? her entire body is meh to me. maria menounos on the other hand is very yummy. and all woman. quite possibly the best looking greek girl i’ve ever seen.

  • skilligan

    i love these women, i would love to have both of them women

  • Bowser

    Maria is so fine. Look at those thighs.

  • concubine

    No doubt that Maria is a lot hotter

  • Wrinkled Willy

    Check out the pose in the bottom pic on page 2. Does that look like a blow-up doll or what?!?