Milla Jovovich Asks: Anyone Watch “The Perfect Getaway” This Weekend?

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After checking the stats, the movie came in 7th over weekend with $5.7 mil at the box-office. What were the producers thinking releasing an action movie the same weekend as the highly anticipated “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

I guess the only people who saw this movie were the ones who couldn’t get into sold-out “G.I. Joe” showtimes & didn’t want to wait for another show. On the bright side of things, “The Perfect Getaway” production budget was a meager $14 compared to the $200 mil it took to make “G.I. Joe.” When you add in DVD & upcoming box-office sales, they should at least break-even.

  • Leni

    maybe you’re HUNGRY 😉

  • boozedupbilly

    still sexy

  • Eto Demerzel

    7th place DAMN.. didnt “beth cooper” do just as well or better?? DAMN!! Milla has great legs and the red lipstick make me think of unspeakable things.. time to make RE4

  • Caitie Harmful

    She looks nice.

    It’s 2:10am and I can’t sleep.


  • Peccavi

    I’ve always liked Milla, but seriously quit with the red lipstick bullshit.

  • EvilSamurai


  • DAMAGE Inc.

    JOKER LIVES………..

    ha ha hahah ah ah hah ah ah ah hah ah!!!!!!!!

    movie sucked too