Cassie @ “The September Issue” NY Premiere

Cassie has half-shaved her head and “leaked” nudie photos of herself but yet we still don’t see her at the top of the Billboard charts. Rather, someone like Katy cocktease Perry still releases hit after hit?

So what look do you guys like better? Cassie and the half-shaved head (w/ lines drawn in) of Amber Rose and her M&M shaved head?

  • Goliano

    She wears what’s left of her hair, well. I’m feelin’ it and her.

  • petra.fied

    her pinky fake nails are missing!.

    and boy, talk about a jekyll and hyde case with that

  • Eto Demerzel

    i dont know what she is trying for but its not working..

  • linc635

    Those shoes are the shittiest… I can get past the haircut BS, but the shoes. WTF?!