Shannon Elizabeth @ Nylon Magazine’s TV Issue Launch Party

The big D-list star-studded party was held at SkyBar at the Mondrian in West Hollywood.

This chick should tattoo “Wasted Potential” on her forehead. She should’ve hit up a big producer or director while her “American Pie” stock was flying high…

  • rzabbot7

    Maybe I’m looking at different pics than everybody else, but she looks pretty damn sexy here if you ask me…

  • miley virus

    Jerry Seinfeld looks really gay in these pics

  • Peccavi

    fuckin lol’d

  • Racer X

    She still alright. In person that is, these pics do not do her justice.

  • McPerv

    Time is cruel.

  • Eto Demerzel

    she’s not to bad if she’d stop “smiling”.. she still very doable and thats what counts..

  • ladylazarus

    overrated has been.

  • skilligan

    she had a run, it could have been better, but i say we celebrate american pie, that was a BIG movie, and she did steal it, she will always have that