Scout Taylor-Compton @ “Halloween II” Premiere

Scout Taylor-Compton is Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Of course in a recent interview she has nothing but good things to say about her role and coming back again to do it again….

Q: This is such a relentless film. Did you have any reservations about coming back and doing it again?

Scout: No, because the first experience was wonderful. It was great and I was comfortable. Rob never pushed me further than I could handle. With this one, we were in the rain for like eight hours, with 10 rain machines, at midnight, and it was freezing cold. I was just wearing a nightgown and I had to go up to him at like 7 o’clock in the morning and go, “I can’t do it anymore, Rob. My body is so numb. I just can’t.” And, he said, “Okay, dude, we’re done.” It’s good that you can go up to a director and tell him that you’re not comfortable. Source

Check the trailer…

  • miley virus

    does the world need two movies called halloween 2?

  • ladylazarus

    NOT hot. everything in these pictures is wrong, all sorts of wrong.

  • Goliano

    Saying to a kid, “Your momma wears combat boots”, doesn’t quite carry the sting it once did.

  • koq

    she looks superduper fucking cute in her new film , smile pretty

  • scumbag

    These shoes would look good as earrings. XD

  • Eto Demerzel

    kind of cute with an OK bod but she’s not hot enough for the cutesy faces and trying to be sexy poses..

  • FallenRawToast

    she is just having way too much fun. You would think that this is her very first brush with being the center of a photog’s lens. Almost like she is a little kid “playing” at fashion model.

  • Caitie Harmful



  • Razer Rick

    The new horror movies that try to copy the classics suck, end of story.

    Classics are classics for a reason.

  • Caitie Harmful

    New movies that copy classics, period…suck.

    I’m waiting for the day when it’s announced that someone’s going to rape The Wizard Of OZ and turn it into some kind of Disney bullshit. There’s only one person who’s allowed to touch that movie….Peter Jackson.

  • miley virus

    ashley tisdale would be perfect for dorothy

  • Caitie Harmful

    *hits the ignore button*


  • FallenRawToast

    Did you happen to catch the partial re-imaging with Zooey Deschanel called Tin-Man?

    Only redeeming quality of that series in my mind was Kathleen Robertson in all those different bodices.

  • boozedupbilly

    she is cute, I won’t be seeing the film though.

  • miley virus


  • FallenRawToast

    yeah it was close to the book than anything else before it, but they way they kept billing it was more slanted towards fans of the movie and not the book, that is where it was a let down.

    OFC all about the shoes with you 😛

  • Caitie Harmful

    That was actually very good. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s one of, if not THE closest representation of the tone of the books. And Zooey portrayed D.G. PERFECTLY. That’s EXACTLY how she was in the books. I love the 1939 production, but Dorothy Gale was not a simpering little tart who cried & whined. She was a little girl who would run up to a witch who could blow her ass away and crack her in the knee with a stick and yell ‘LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE, YOU ASSFACE’. And that’s pretty much how D.G. was. The only difference is she didn’t have the shoes…and that made her ever MORE badass to me.

  • miley virus

    the original halloween 2 is no classic. pretty crappy actually

  • Mike Litoris

    She could do porn.