Kim Kardashian Lookin’ Freaky in YRB Magazine, Fall Issue

Photo Source: YRB Magazine

In the interview w/ YRB, Kim Kardashian talks about accomplishing life various goals & her matured views on haters:

“I didn’t plan on having a TV show and living the Hollywood life, but I’ve always set goals for myself, and I think so far I’ve hit them all. Of course, you occasionally get hit with a curve ball along the way, but you really shouldn’t be judged or measured on the mistakes you’ve made, just on how you’ve dealt with those mistakes.”

In regards to the backlash that comes from being in the industry, this soft-spoken beauty admits that at times the tabloid chatter and press has left some deep gashes. “I definitely see a lot less hate now. I deal with it much better now. I just say, ‘Hey, do or say whatever you want to.’ I now look at it as – if it weren’t for the haters then you wouldn’t have the fans that stick up for you. Hate is the new love.” [Read more]