Kim Kardashian Lookin’ Freaky in YRB Magazine, Fall Issue

Photo Source: YRB Magazine

In the interview w/ YRB, Kim Kardashian talks about accomplishing life various goals & her matured views on haters:

“I didn’t plan on having a TV show and living the Hollywood life, but I’ve always set goals for myself, and I think so far I’ve hit them all. Of course, you occasionally get hit with a curve ball along the way, but you really shouldn’t be judged or measured on the mistakes you’ve made, just on how you’ve dealt with those mistakes.”

In regards to the backlash that comes from being in the industry, this soft-spoken beauty admits that at times the tabloid chatter and press has left some deep gashes. “I definitely see a lot less hate now. I deal with it much better now. I just say, ‘Hey, do or say whatever you want to.’ I now look at it as – if it weren’t for the haters then you wouldn’t have the fans that stick up for you. Hate is the new love.” [Read more]

  • FoxyRoxy

    Eh, she looks like her mom now.

  • Eto Demerzel

    kim is t&a nit artsy.. not working..

  • Xatalia


  • concubine

    sup Karen O?



  • Phillip McCracken

    well, she had to say it before Megan Fox did….

  • Boz

    I thought that was Cher!?

  • Leni

    spot on

  • lol

    Marlyn Manson called and he said “give my look back you bitch! it is even much better on me”!!

  • skilligan

    wtf is this about

  • Bolt Uprite

    I really like these pics, I’m glad somebody had the imagination to do something beyond the ubiquitous bikini shoot…..

  • d55

    “I now look at it as – if it weren’t for the haters then you wouldn’t have the fans that stick up for you. Hate is the new love.”

    it’s amazing to see how the mind of a delusional, pathological liar works. The question is: what the hell are you that you even have fans? Once we get that answered, we can talk about how twisted her logic is.

  • Phillip McCracken

    dude, LMAO… where are her FANS (multiple) that stick up for her? is there even any left? even HERE?!?!

    and D, she DOES have huge sloppy tits. there are some dudes that just cant resist huge sloppy tits. thats an accomplishment. i mean, she paid for them… well, technically, her dead daddy’s inheritance did.

  • IamLegend_2000

    she’s nobody’s fool, possibly someone will adopt her tho…

  • ladylazarus

    that would only be true if there was actually something to hate on. and wtf is she trying to accomplish here? is this her vain attempt at being a high fashion model? bahahahahahaha

  • JTchicago

    Very Prophetic; “Hate is the new love.”

  • Eto Demerzel

    The Golden Age of Grotesque..

  • dr.sanjaygupta

    what a hot lady. Sometimes i like to pretend i look sort of like this.. when im day dreaming.

  • Phillip McCracken

    LMFAO. A+

  • d55

    This bitch is most likely Pam! After i busted her ass (because she was both ObeyYourGod and ohmygod, having a convo with herself on here to get attention), she stopped signing on under both names and created this new account. What a dumb bitch. I’m always on your ass…always. Here is Pam, everyone:


    Other possibilities:
    jennyla, nocturna (or some shit like that), balls of doom, cathyK, omega, damn the list goes on and on actually but i am pretty sure it’s pam the ugly walking lollipop.

  • linc635

    I hope she never does this again,… also hope she got paid a grip for this.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    I thought this was Marilyn Manson…

  • dr.sanjaygupta

    what a truly crazy She really does seem to be stalking me. By the way, the woman in that picture.. based solely on that picture, isnt any uglier than you are… at least from what i can tell, although she looks a little desperate and hungry.
    Anyway, i think someone (you) need a better job, you have too much time to waste. a receptionist maybe?

  • dr.sanjaygupta

    i meant to write ‘what a truly crazy lady’.. pardon me