51-Year Old Sharon Stone Rocks A Bikini in Sardinia

These were snapped over the weekend on a yacht owned by Italian jeweler Giorgio Damiani. So yeah, you wanna party with Hollywood bigwigs? Study hard and become a millionaire jeweler…

  • Masha the crusher

    bag with a sag she is…not that hot piece of ass they shoot in paris match

  • miley virus

    ashton’s future wife

  • Philr Crackin

    YUMMY !!!!!!!!!

  • d55

    she looks great (hate her fake tits that look like perfectly round balls) but she has that old people color to her skin…must be because well, she’s old.

  • d55

    great for a woman her age…i mean, she has a weird belly and a saggy ass and all but yeah.

  • IamLegend_2000

    pic 5B if that doesn’t say it all nothing ever will….
    wonder who has had more sugery, her or Demi?

  • miley virus

    sharon will never be over the hill…not in the car she drives

  • Naomagic

    Goddamn that body!
    She’s 51 years old people. Applause, allah.

  • manly

    She is old,but she looks good! (hats off to her)