Rachel Zeskind: “Candid” Bikini Photos From Malibu Beach

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Who the heck is Rachel Zeskind? Well, she’s an actress and artist; however, according to her IMDb, she’s been in a lot of stuff but no major roles. Maybe these “candid” bikini photos are an attempt to get herself more exposure.

She’s currently filming Doesn’t Texas Ever End, a movie that she co-wrote and is also serving as director.

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  • IamLegend_2000

    Hi mom, how’s the weekend going….blea…miss Hooters 1952

  • concubine

    pg 2 pic 1

    that dig is trying to get the fuck away. We need a charity for him.

  • Razorblade Tongue

    I’m trying to think of something nice to say and I’m drawing an absolute blank.

  • skilligan

    catcher’s mitt face but good body

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  • Mundo

    Geez looking at this hag, has made me appreciate my old lady a lot more…lol

  • wiseblood

    is that amy winehouse’s cousin? just curious.

    hey girls – don’t get lame tattoos. i know they are all swell and fun when you’re out with your lame ass sorority sisters and you’re drunk and all talkative and WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    but come on. bad tats are LAME. most tats are LAME.

    and why would you put it right there on your stomach? is that a bulls eye for me to drop a load on? if so, i suppose i’m game.

    just think about it sorority sister girlfriends. don’t be retarded.

  • Player

    Actress? Really she looks like an over the hill MILF porn-actress…just sayin Love the bolt-ons and the tats, okay Im kidding about the tats. Nothing says Im older than dirt than tats exposed by a bikini – nice body ok. I also wonder what provocative statement she has above her ass – or is it something like “pump me faster…faster” in yiddish.

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  • Mike Litoris

    Did she buy those cans so people stop looking at her face?

  • Boz

    That’s not candid…