Afternoon Fantasy: Miranda Kerr & A Friend @ The Boom Boom Room

These were snapped a few days back at a party thrown by Purple Magazine to celebrate New York Fashion Week that’s currently going down at Bryant Park. We’re pretty sure the babe to booze to blow ratio was such that it created an environment conducive to having one helluva time!

  • Big Papi

    I’d do unspeakable acts to both of them.

  • One comment to end them all



    and bring your friend along too

  • d_jologs

    awesome duo

  • FallenRawToast

    normally the toast goes on the outside of a sandwich, in this case I wish to be in the middle, thank you lord for hearing my prayer.

  • mud hen

    The friend is hot. What’s with her leg? What is it called when a person can bend their leg backwards? The only word I can think of is hyperflex but I don’t think that’s right.

  • Bowser

    Man i’d go crazy if I got the chance with there two. Fine ass breezies.

  • Boz

    They both look hot..

  • the kitten

    they are both gorgeous