• horny guy

    Looks like she is helping with the world silicone over supply

  • The Devil


    Chesticles are slang for breasts.

  • wiseblood

    i have no idea who this chick is and i don’t think i really care.

    those tits.

    jesus christ.

    i am picturing her tits wrapped around my cock and i’m just about ready to blow a load in my underpants that are just a bit too tight because i had pizza last night and feel totally bloated.

    fucking hot.

  • vanos28

    well as i am greek and i know her from tv mags – many years, the boobs ofcourse are fake. But even before the boob job men concidered her hot because of her great ass. At least this is what a friend said when saw her up close at a club.. Overall i think thats a hot body

  • Peccavi

    not feeling it. that body, nice tho it may be. does not make up for that face.

  • rudy8472

    I’m going in town to get a milk shake, see ya.

  • d55

    awesome body but the fake boobs r too big for her body but they kinda hide the fact that she has a big horse face

  • salma

    no doubt she’ll float on water

  • Estelle

    she’s a greek model 🙂

  • Stone Cold

    I could pack that full of ice cream and eat it….. Love the chestciles, thats the definition of funbags…. theres so much opportunity there…

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • the_real_hunter

    Her body is really nice. Looks like she sends some time in the gym, she could teach a lot of other girls a thing or two.

  • alphamega

    Chesticles??? Arent chesticles implants on a transexual??? Do you like the girl or not???

  • alphamega

    Hmmm… I guess I like, but she scares me. I’m afraid her tits are gonna pop.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Only thing i like, is her nice butt and tits (like, holy motherfuck’in!)

  • the kitten

    damn thats a nice body. tits have to be fake though. but nice nice asss

  • joey

    Whoa, good Lord. Those babies are massive. Well, at least, Elina Kantza could always fall back on porn if the modeling thing doesn’t work out for her.