Kelly Brook @ Qeelin Jewelry Launch Party in London

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Nice to see that Kelly’s lookin’ hot as usual. So, is she still dating that rugby player or what? You’d think that after a year of dating her, that dude would finally get tired of sampling Kelly’s bod each night of the week…Guess not.

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Poor Billy Zane and lucky us.
    She’s only gotten hotter since they broke up.

  • Boz

    Yes, she is obviously the hottest one in the pic.

  • The Devil

    She looks better with dark hair.

  • svetlana

    I like her. she always looks really sweet somehow, like she’s stunning but I can’t imagine her being bitchy.

  • bystander

    yes, it’s the nose, you’re right.

  • moron_

    She has the most amazing body! She kind of reminds me of Sienna Miller in the face.

  • mud hen

    I like these pics. Sometimes girls with huge boobs have outfits or looks that disguise how big their boobs are. I think this outfit would qualify.

    If some guy is lucky enough to get a lady like that then they get a nice surprise. The girl looks good and has a nice body then – Bam too huge DD’s are suddenly in front of them. A shock that can kill a man.

  • bystander

    I love this woman’s body but there’s something wrong with her face, I think it’s the thick dark eyebrows. She’s very pretty but there’s something off about her face.

  • RoastedNuts

    Anyone else think that when her chest is sticking out that it masks how ugly her face is?

  • d55

    it’s her nose…not the shape or size though…her nose bridge/bone starts way too high and suddenly…there is no slope to it so she ends up looking like a bird.

  • Dr. Smooth

    2 bony for the Dr. but she’s lookin’ sexy though.

  • d55

    based on what i said, i fixed her nose in the right pic:


  • AlinaMaria

    shes lovely!