Audrina Patridge vs Stephanie Pratt: "The Hills" Chicks Legs Matchup

These were snapped last week as the Audrina, Stephanie & Lauren “Lo” Bosworth (in the jeans) filmed parts of the latest season of MTV’s hit series “The Hills.” The latest season premieres tomorrow at 10PM. Check the show’s official website for pics & clips from the upcoming season.

  • spangly

    Audrina looks soooooooooooo hot in those platform strappy sandals. Her feet and legs make me melt into a puddle of man pudding. That white girl booty girl also has on some delicious wooden soled platforms. I don’t know what it is but seeing those feet in all the leather and heels has me in a lather. Did someone mention the ugly chicken legged girl in ugly boots?

  • d55

    i cant fucking believe the comments i am reading…audriana has no ankles, her feet look like hooves.

  • stacy-keria

    Audrina is such a babe
    I’d eat her taco out
    in and out
    suck on her clitt
    and stick mmy tounge in her bum

  • Dr. Smooth

    Audrina hands down won this. If only Stephanie didn’t look so much like her douchbag brother.

  • wiseblood

    is this even real?

    audrina all the way.

    besides, when i’m fucking a chick real hard in her parents bathroom, i don’t want to look up into the mirror and see hints of spencer pratt’s face. that’s fucking scary and just downright fucked up.

    i won’t touch anything that came out of the same cunt as that douche.

    audrina all the way.

  • the_real_hunter

    I don’t know about he booty in the booty cam shot but her knock knees are pretty bad. I’ll pass.

  • Eto Demerzel

    Audrina wins but stephanie gets points those babies look super long..

    booty is always a good thing..

  • miley virus

    pratt’s a friggin’ giraffe

  • Boz

    Audriana wins? thats a joke..

  • Muffin

    stephanies legs look like chopsticks,what a shame that we both have the same name.:(

  • Player

    I dig the shoes