Hayden Panettiere vs Vanessa Hudgens: Neutrogena Fresh Faces Matchup

Happy Yom Kippur, everyone! Excuse the delay in getting up some quality following the Michael Jackson post this past weekend…

Anyway, these two barely legal babes were spotted in Hollywood mingling at a Neutrogena Fresh Faces of Music party. Both Hayden & Vanessa are spokesmodels for Neutrogena—Hayden marketing to the geeky community & Vanessa hitting the superficial “cool group” of kids at high schools across the nation. Who’s the hotter one?

And in separate news, it’s being rumored that Entourage star Kevin Connolly is getting a piece of Hayden Panettiere. If so, good for him, but a source close to the stars is claiming they’re “just friends,” which in itself isn’t all that bad, either. Hayden looks pretty innocent from the outside, but who would’ve known that she’s into having “fuck friends?” Good for her!

  • wiseblood

    vanessa hudgens looks fine.

    how hot would it be if i was fucking vanessa and then hayden pantyairs came in with a stack of keibler elf cookies, we’d all eat them together, and then i’d fuck that little elf while vanessa took really bad cell phone pix of herself in the corner. and after we were all finished we’d roll around in the crumbs of the cookies on the bed and then i’d leave.

    don’t steal my fantasy.

  • spangly

    I actually think this is a pretty fair matchup. Both are short and both can be very fugly or very beautiful depending on how they have been handled and framed for the photo. Both are middling actors who will probably still be standing long after many of their betters have disappeared from view. I picked Stumpy Btw… the other one looks to monkeyish.

  • J-Sin

    In this case i’d take Smurfette-uh, i mean Hayden!

  • AlinaMaria

    Well HP looks quite young here, usually she looks like a 40 yr old divorcee.

    But Vanessa is the prettiest.

  • Dr. Smooth

    Oh yeah I smell a 3some these girls will be great. The things I would have them do.

  • IamLegend_2000

    let’s see, a very cute face & a hot body we’ve all seen naked vs Stumpy???? you’ve gotta be kidding me MO. you know full well who you’d like to wake up next to…NESSA!!!! easy one

  • Stewie

    I’ll take both, especially Hayden whose diminutive frame might be very useful and quite “manouverable” in bed

  • EvilSamurai

  • Angus

    This looks like the beginning of an awesome threesome.

  • EvilSamurai

    Wins the thread. +2

  • TORO

    Vannesa all the way…easy win!

  • stacy-keria

    Looks HOTTTTT

  • Big Papi

    I’d make sweet, tender love to both of them.

  • Jack The Stripper

    Vanessa, because of the naughty pics she has

  • dagon

    None but in this case Hayden wins the second one looks like shes 12 years old.

  • Peccavi

    troll vs wombat. no holds barred battle for supremacy under the bridge.

  • Moe


  • Moe

    so, you take these pics within your own troll studio or what?

    how cute!

  • J

    ha ha ha

  • J

    Vanessa, not a fan of stumpy

  • linc635

    I’ll take the slutty one.

  • Racer X

    That’s good.


  • One comment to end them all


    preferably ina 69

  • Eto Demerzel

    i’d take both so i can make a manwich..