Hayden Panettiere vs Vanessa Hudgens: Neutrogena Fresh Faces Matchup

Happy Yom Kippur, everyone! Excuse the delay in getting up some quality following the Michael Jackson post this past weekend…

Anyway, these two barely legal babes were spotted in Hollywood mingling at a Neutrogena Fresh Faces of Music party. Both Hayden & Vanessa are spokesmodels for Neutrogena—Hayden marketing to the geeky community & Vanessa hitting the superficial “cool group” of kids at high schools across the nation. Who’s the hotter one?

And in separate news, it’s being rumored that Entourage star Kevin Connolly is getting a piece of Hayden Panettiere. If so, good for him, but a source close to the stars is claiming they’re “just friends,” which in itself isn’t all that bad, either. Hayden looks pretty innocent from the outside, but who would’ve known that she’s into having “fuck friends?” Good for her!