Olivia Munn vs Olvia Wilde: The "Olivias on the Red Carpet" Matchup

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
These were snapped at “Whip It” L.A. movie premiere a couple nights back at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Obviously, both Olivias are unquestionably hot, but the Bastardly Theory of Hotness states that “no two chicks are at the exact same hotness level; one is always hotter, albeit, by a very small margin.” So, with that in hand, let the red carpet hotness matchup begin. If needed, please bring links of pics from other shoots to help support your case…

  • rudy8472

    Munn all the way, how often can you say there goes a hot nerd. After sex she can screw me on the latest hit game.

  • Freep

    which means you dropped the ball on the 3some option

  • Moe

    damn, this one looks like it’s gonna be too close to call…

  • Peccavi

    Unfair poll is unfair. Wilde is just plain sexy/hotter. Munn is the cool smoke a bowl/play some vidya games with. I want both. or better yet, if wilde would smoke a bowl and play vidya games with me, while naked… we would have a clear winner.

  • miley virus

    munn for me

  • miley virus

    dude WTF?

  • miley virus

    don’t worry i’m sure she swings both ways. all women can be persuaded to get with another woman at least once

  • Jeremy Bosco during his Reign of Terror

    Judging by the looks of that pic of your ugly, faggot ass I found, apparently, you ain’t far behind, you dumb son of a bitch. Unlike your pathetic, loosened ass, I use the toilet, and actually get up from my computer from time to time to, you know, DO THINGS. Like GO OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE INTO SUNLIGHT, which is something I’m sure you haven’t done since your ugly fucking ass was hatched from the egg your mother laid to birth you. But, I guess that wouldn’t be too smart, considering you’ve been stuck in your own mom’s basement for so long, that the sunlight would actually burn you and kill you. I just wish you would do just that, so that way you could just go on ahead and take your place in Hell, where you’ll be tortured, maimed, and just in general violated in millions of different ways, simply for being a closet faggot, who wouldn’t admit to loving to suck cock while taking another up your loosened ass.

  • Leni

    both hot

  • TORO

    i voted wilde just because she’s the youngest…but now i’m not sure if that was my final vote…this shit is very close!!

  • EvilSamurai

    Wilde thing wins this. Seriously she is so fucking hot. I want to have an eight hour tantric sex session with her!

  • Bowser

    I don’t like either of these girls. One looks like a dinosaur and the other like a robot.

  • EvilSamurai

    what’s wrong with sex robots?

  • Goose

    Livvy Munn is my idea of perfection.

  • The Devil


  • d55

    lmao…”looks like a dinosaur”

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Looks like the Florida vote will decide this one.
    My chad is hanging for either of these ladies.
    I voted for Wilde since the name describes the style I prefer in bed. But Wilde Munn-ing would be the ultimate.
    Okay no blood left in brain to continue commenting.

  • miley virus

    wilde’s ugly. she got big freaky sleestak looking head

  • Krusty

    Munn, hands down.

  • Crazy Jew

    Wilde is hot for fashion, she’s thin, pale and has a strong jaw, beautiful eyes. It photographs really well.
    Munn is hot for bed.

  • AlinaMaria

    Either or.

  • Muffin

    Wow I dont now Olivia Munn but shes adorable. I think I’m in love.Sometimes I wish I was a guy.

  • salma

    i’d go lesbian for Wilde, totally.
    Munn is cheap, don’t like her at all

  • Angus

    Munn is hotter all day.
    She is hot and has personality and she is Asian which is a plus.

  • Bolt Uprite

    I’d bet O. Munn would be infinitely more fun.

  • Altair

    Shocked that man Jaw Wilde is getting votes, that woman is ugly as sin saved for her legs. Munn has lovely eyes,freckles,boobs,booty and humor, I love her!!

  • Auntie Krist

    Both Olivias are hot and sexy! However, it looks like Munn would be wild and crazy in bed plus she has boobs. Sadly Wilde is a little bit on the thinner side.

  • Phillip McCracken

    both ugly useless and annoying.

  • Jack Mehoffe

    Munn… because she has breasts.

  • Phillip McCracken

    YO Domo was born from an Egg so im in good company!!!