BREAKING! Jaime Pressly Smoking in her Bikini in Mexico!

For someone who’s supposed to only be 32, Jaime Pressly is definitely not aging well. Anyway, these were snapped while she enjoyed a quickie vacation in Mexico…

  • Angus

    She still looks good even though she is classless trash.

  • Mickey Doomsday

    She’s doing okay given the life she’s lead… but keep in mind that by all accounts she should have been found dead in a bus depot somewhere in her mid-teens.

  • horny guy

    Classless trash??? well she played that on tv (Joy..My Name is Earl)

  • Tapper

    Would not last long with her at all. Still very hot.

  • Bolt Uprite

    She smokes even without the cigarette…

  • xNTA

    That bum deserves a double OW!!!

    I think she looks great. It’s all the twisting and stuff that she’s doing that makes it look like gravity wanted some sort of revenge. She’s still hot.

  • FallenRawToast

    Aging most perfectly, well as well as one can tell from photos taking with a telephoto lens from the top of a palm tree 2 miles away, and then blowing up the picture 1500%.

  • scroller

    That’s a super-tight body. I have no idea what Moe thinks the problem is.

  • major

    You just know she’s thinking about Cleveland
    during sex.

  • rudy8472

    She is still hot. Yeah she doesn’t have her 20 year old body which was smokin hot, but she still has a pretty hot body.

  • Peet

    Her body is incredible. She is hot. You are wrong if you think otherwise.

  • J-Sin

    Ahh, sometimes i like ’em trailer park trashy. She still looks good.

  • Philr Crackin

    She’s be SMOKING even if she didn’t have a Cigarette – WOW !!!

  • Goliano

    Don’t know what to say cuz I don’t expect any less from this hottie.

  • d55

    that butt looks pretty toned.

  • Holly

    She only looks old because she’s always been quite masculine and she’s burnt her skin to a crisp bright red. You think she looks old because when you look at her, you’re reminded of the Texan, leathery-skinned mom of your friend who still wears the tight jeans and midriff tank tops with the american flag on it when she goes to shop at Target because she’s still holding tight to her “youth” and she still has a weirdly muscular body because she still keeps fit by going swimming and running on the treadmill in her g-string leotard over tights….

  • Boz

    Not bad.. but she needs to quit smoking.

  • Boz

    Not bad.. but she needs to quit smoking.