Alessandra Ambrosio Looks Ready For 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

These were snapped yesterday at a Victoria’s Secret store location in Manhattan. Alessandra was put up to the task to help pimp the new “Velvet” fragrance, on sale now just in time for the holiday season.

Ale’s currently in New York City getting ready for the annual Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Fashion Show, which set to go down in the big city just a few weeks from now. With Adriana Lima on the bench (she’s pregnant), the other girls have to pull a lot of weight in order to fill her Adriana’s absence.

As most of you remember, last year’s show was held at the pimped-out & fashionable Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami. You can check the pics here.

  • longago



    the 3rd page scared the HELL out of me

    I saw a picture of Alessandra WITH FOOD

    I thought it was a paradox that would open a wormhole vortex that would consume the earth.


    I doubt she actually injested any of that cake.

  • d55


  • salma

    she’s turning into a mosquito

  • wiseblood

    fucking horse face.

    it’s over.

    i know that 14 year old boys that can’t figure out the multiple ways to find a Penthouse without getting caught jerk off to her in those lame fucking Victoria’s Secret catalogs. but come on. as we’ve proven time and time again – anything that is a source of “coolness” to 14 year olds is extremely lame and has no lasting power.

    well, that horse face will last forever.

    true story.

  • One comment to end them all

    MEH x over9000

  • FallenRawToast

    5’8″ might be too tall for Sammy because he is 5’8″, and he needs to look down on “his women” to maintain his sense of self.

    Just saying…

    Myself I have no problem with her height.

  • d55

    5’8” without heels isn’t that tall. She looks taller because of the way pix are taken and her thin frame.

  • d_jologs

    ugly feet and she should eat more of that cake. nice legs and still beautiful face.

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a

    She deserves the Fantasy Bra.
    I think she should open the show too, just like Adriana last year.

  • karmathebitch

    never found her special

  • AlexAfonso


  • IamLegend_2000

    good looks & not afraid of cake either….my kind of girl

  • FallenRawToast

    Beautiful, but not my favorite of the VS girls.

  • skilligan

    for a top model she is at best a C-

  • Sammy

    So What?
    It’s what i think, she’s to fucking tall

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    Well personally, I see nothing wrong here. Don’t worry Moe. I’d hit that too.

  • Boz

    she’s a model for Christ sake.. what do you expect?

  • Bowser

    I’m sorry Moe but I don’t get your obsession over this chick. I guess I’m just bias because I love petite brunettes with a pretty face. This girl is like the opposite of that.

  • Sammy

    She’s so gorgeous but to damn tall!