BREAKING! Hayden Panettiere Rocks UGG Boots & Blauer Puffer Jacket!

It’s nice to see that Hayden’s lookin’ cute as always! I tried to find a purchase link to the jacket, but no luck. Whatever the case, seeing how Hayden’s a brand-whore, you’d think she’d be rockin’ a blinged-out Moncler puffer as opposed to one designed by a company known for making clothes for American law enforcement officials (see Blauer website).

  • One comment to end them all

    I bet she IS wearing panties

  • Angus

    I have to know, is it really that cold in LA that she needs a jacket like that?
    I live in Michigan and we are about to have a snowstorm in a few hours and I went out today in a thin fleece jacket and sneakers.
    What the fuck does she need a jacket that can stop RPG rounds and UGG boots?

  • FallenRawToast

    Actually sometimes it does get that cold in LA. This morning at 7am it was 28F(-2C) on my patio, and I live in LA. Not your typical weather for us, but we do have a few days a year like this.

    I dont believe it ever got warmer than 50F(10C) in my area today either.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Haha I love her despite her peculiar pectorals lol.

  • aurah-leigh

    she`s such a fugly looking midget
    looks like a cross breed between oompa loompa and chucky doll

  • Boz

    damn, she looks so cute!

  • Big Papi

    girls and those stupid fucking ugg boots. but it is the winter months….

  • azezeal

    Its not enough that like 70% of women in Essex have those shit boots i have to see a dwarf with them as well

  • ObeyYourGod

    There is no logical reason why but this outfit on Stumpy really gets my juices flowing.