Caption This! (Angelina Jolie Looks At Brad Pitt’s Goatee)

These were snapped last night at the UNICEF ball honoring producer Jerry Weintraub in Beverly Hills.

Here’s a closer look at Hollywood’s latest fashion trend in its early stages…

  • J-Sin

    He looks like an evil fucking genius.

  • Freep

    god what i would do to fuck angelina ow!

  • ken ortega

    Has the Vampire craze got to Angelina too??? She looks like she was about to bite him in the neck in that picture.

  • Mundo

    You mean like this?
    She needs a snack…


  • ken ortega


  • Angus

    Brad, seriously, time to shave that crap.

  • Bolt Uprite

    Do I detect some Lobster Thermidor in that shrub?

  • IamLegend_2000

    Brad: Honey, this is my baaaaad side.

  • wiseblood

    i thought these two dip shits hated each other.

    i can’t keep up while i am jerking it to brenda song all day.

    true story.

  • aurah-leigh

    Angelina is beautiful

    wth is up with brad

  • Boz

    Well, this isnt the first time:

  • salma

    stop hating, sexiest couple EVER!

  • DAMAGE Inc.

    “If you only knew, Honey!!!!”

  • Sierra

    Oh dear. Brad always grows a beard when something is rotten in Denmark. Remember how scary his beard was when he was with Nick the greek (Jennifer Aniston)? He may be getting restless which is unfortunate; I like them as a couple.
    She looks beautiful as ever.

  • the kitten

    ew way to make himself look ugly