• Altair

    I looooved her, despite her age she is still ok

  • Razer Rick

    Owww my goyter

  • Dory

    Oy, these are not good pictures of her, I’ll just think about how she looked when she went on Chelsea Lately…foxy!

  • Mundo

    Damned is she melting? Now that’s a figure….Chiken waist…Hippo legs, elephant skin..damned you got the whole zoo right there….what more can you ask for.?

  • Racer X


  • miley virus

    yo fat girl come here r u ticklish? yeah i called u fat look at me i’m skinny

  • lazydayz

    That’s a nice hat…

  • DAMAGE Inc.

    I don’t think ANYBODY would RAPE her NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angus

    Man she was so hot as The Nanny.

  • ken ortega

    Key word there is “was”.

  • McPerv

    Perfectly acceptable for 52. Would tap.

  • skilligan

    she should have a 1 piece on but she is still good for her age

  • Boz

    “Well, Fran Drescher is 52 years old….”

    The picture tells it all.

  • IamLegend_2000

    time and those In & Out burgers have not been kind have they Fran? urk and she so used to be so annoying with her voice which has nothing to do with that gut hanging down just never cared for her even at her best….if she actually had one

  • One comment to end them all


  • vanoliza


  • wiseblood

    the hostess with the mostess no more (spinal tap reference).

  • fact

    id put it in, without hesitation

  • Big Papi

    yeah, she’s got some thunderthighs and a cum bucket going, but what the hell….i’d bang the nanny

  • scumbag

    Mmm… maybe… for the good times.

  • miley virus

    i’ll never forget her scene in saturday night fever
    fran “after a man spends the night with me they always send me flowers”
    travolta “maybe they think your dead”

  • Muffin

    oh come on , I wonder how you would feel if somebody would rape your ass.

  • EvilSamurai

    Somebody needs a one piece

  • atari bigby


  • Renglon

    You do not know what it had to be for her and for her husband who had to watch. If he could empathize with some others the way you would write.
    If you lived close I’d come after you and I give you a bloody nose as never before spinning. Just the photos you’re such a bitch that you fucked verily teach others. I have no words for you. If you could Czech rivers would tell you otherwise, but you did not give you a box. You’re pathetic.