Breaking! Hayden Panettiere Met Sly Stalone @ The Lakers Game

It appears Hayden hit the Lakers game with daddy (at least we hope that’s him) on Christmas day when they got bitched-slapped by the visiting Cavs. Thankfully the refs didn’t give Kobe every call he wanted and the Cavs went on to win by 20 and left the sore-loser Lakers fans throwing shit on the floor. That’s totally fucked up, but LBJ & Co. will take it.

Then again, in the grand scheme of things, considering how the NBA is so scripted (shocking, right?), this game might just be a setup for a finals showdown next summer. It makes for great prime time action and NBA Commish David Stern knows it.

For those of you missed it, here’s Ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy on “60 Minutes” earlier this month talking about how & why he was so successful at betting on NBA game:

  • Boz

    Sly is still alive!

  • IamLegend_2000

    well the other dwarfs let her out for the holidays….shame on all of you, Grumpy, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Bashful….I did it all on my own I actually remembered all seven names!!! woo and hoo…now to arm them so they can hunt down Stumpy…get her in your crosshairs guys and cut loose BLAM! no more Stumpy and gawd awful moviez

  • Dr. Smooth

    Damn my list must be 2 damn long if I didn’t include Hayden’s short stack ass in my top 10. The things I’d do to her.

  • Mundo

    Awww, she looks so cute..but I’d rather see some legs ass or something….oh well maybe next time..Don’t see much of Rambo lately, completely forgot about him, he looks okay, for his age…Hey Yo!!!

  • Freep

    i always see that little kid from “remember the titans” but then i remember she is old enough to get fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

  • One comment to end them all

    way to look unattractive, Stumpy…

  • Bowser

    It’s all about those Dallas Mavericks son! We’re gonna beast this year?

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    That game was trashed on Christmas Day, too bad LA Lakers got beaten by Cleveland Cavs.

  • skilligan

    good thing her dad was there to protect her from sly, she is cute

  • Angus

    Mmm. Hot midget sex…

  • Leni

    I don’t like her but she has a lovely smile and looks pretty with no makeup.

  • ObeyYourGod

    She looks better when she doesn’t try to look good.