Breaking! Hayden Panettiere Met Sly Stalone @ The Lakers Game

It appears Hayden hit the Lakers game with daddy (at least we hope that’s him) on Christmas day when they got bitched-slapped by the visiting Cavs. Thankfully the refs didn’t give Kobe every call he wanted and the Cavs went on to win by 20 and left the sore-loser Lakers fans throwing shit on the floor. That’s totally fucked up, but LBJ & Co. will take it.

Then again, in the grand scheme of things, considering how the NBA is so scripted (shocking, right?), this game might just be a setup for a finals showdown next summer. It makes for great prime time action and NBA Commish David Stern knows it.

For those of you missed it, here’s Ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy on “60 Minutes” earlier this month talking about how & why he was so successful at betting on NBA game: