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Fashion Rating: Marisa Miller @ 2010 Grammy Awards

Granted she’s wearing a really short dress that shows off her best assets, but just like Heidi, Marisa Miller could’ve done better, as well. I just feel like these hot chicks are letting laziness and complacency make their appearances look slightly on the bland end of the Bastardly Hotness Spectrum. They’re stuck in the “It worked before, so why not this time?” mode.

Then again, when you’re getting paid so much cash just to show up to big-ticket events, what’s the point in taking risks?! There’s simply no incentive.

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SHOCKING! Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Invited to the 2010 Grammy Awards!

I understand marketing is the name of the game, but invited cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” to a somewhat respectable event like the Grammy Awards is simply classless.

Ok-ok, invite whoever the fuck you want, but couldn’t they have sneaked Snooki’s ass through the backdoor and chained her to some chair in the back away from all the cameras?! Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, before you guys jump to the STD-spewing full body shots (I know you’re all getting anxious!), we have one question: Can you contract STDs by looking at pics of “Jersey Shore” cast members?

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DAAAYUM! Christina Hendricks @ 2010 Directors Guild of America Awards

These were snapped last night in Los Angeles.

I would just like to take a second to send a big “DAAAMN YOU!!!” to Christina Hendrick’s husband, Geoffrey Arend:


And, just in case you missed Christina at the Golden Globes, hit this!

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NOT DIGGIN’ IT: Heidi Klum @ 2010 Grammy Awards

She obviously looks beautiful for someone who pops out one kid a year for the past 5 years, but she could’ve worked lil’ harder in choosing a better dress. It just looks like she put on the first skanky-ho dress she spotted in her NYC-studio-sized closet.

C’mon now, Heidi! You’re the host of “Project Runway” for God’s sake.

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WORST DRESSED: Nadeea Volianova @ 2010 Grammy Awards

You’re all probably wondering, “Who the fuck is Nadeea?” Ok, maybe it’s just me…

Well anyway, all I’ve been able to dig up is that she’s a Russian pop star. Who has some more juice?

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Alicia Arden @ 2010 Grammy Awards

We’ve posted her only once in the past (see below!), but you have to admit, she’s lookin’ pretty damn good for someone who’s 41. Stay away from the knife, Alicia!!

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Bar Refaeli Does A Spring, 2010 Photo Shoot For Rampage

I understand these pics are airbrushed to hell, but you still gotta give it up for Leo! That bastard. So with that in hand…


And, here’s 2010’s first “DAMN YOU, LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!”

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