Aged To Perfection: Lisa Edelstein @ 2010 Golden Globe Awards

The downright sexy Lisa Edelstein currently stars as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the Fox network drama, “House.” Most important of all, she’s 43! Major props to Lisa for keeping everything together over the years. She’s hotter than a lot of 20-somethings prancing around L.A. these days in a desperate search for the paparazzi.

  • One comment to end them all

    I bet her pubes are grey

  • spangly

    Is that Courtney Cox?????

  • J

    She’s great.

  • d_jologs

    She can be my doctor anytime!

  • wiseblood

    she looks old as fuck. i’m not down with that. she passed the 16-26 Rule long, long ago.

    not even Marty McFly could save this bitch.

  • Boz

    Monica Bellucci is hotter.
    and she’s over 40 yrs old too.

  • Lina

    What a beautiful lady! Hope to look like that when I’m her age 🙂