Alicia Keys Lookin’ Cute Promoting ”The Element Of Freedom” in Madrid

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Alicia Keys had a fun time promoting her latest album on a Spanish TV show in Madrid yesterday. Besides making funny faces w/ the interviewer on the show, she looked great her tight black jeans & leather jacket. YOU GO GIRL!

She’ll follow up the promotional tour with a series of concerts later this year, which kicks off on February 29th in Montreal. Hit up her official website for more juice.

Alicia also to a packed Teatro Real in the Spanish capital on Monday evening. Here’s some footage:

  • AlinaMaria

    aww she’s so cute, really gorgeous and super talented too. When people like that Ke$ha or whatever the hell she’s called are allowed to make records it reminds me to always appreciate really talented people like Alicia.

  • FallenRawToast

    so true

  • Glimmer

    and how many here like her music ????

    the un hot one has spoken. 😉

  • Phillip McCracken

    and when people think Alica Keys is actually “Talented” it makes ME appreciate people like Robert Johnson, Buddy Holly, and Pete Townshend even more.

  • Phillip McCracken

    count me as one who thinks she sucks.

  • alphamega

    Love her face, love her ass, love her swag… But, I just cant get those awful bikini pics out of my head. Her fat knees and kankles have been burned into my brain forever!

  • J

    Looking good.

  • spangly

    I like Alicia. She is very pretty and I love her cool voice and the fact that she can at least play an instrument. She isn’t a super turn on for me but she doesn’t have to be.

  • McPerv

    Damn this bitch is in leather all the time now.

  • Leni

    I really like her. I don’t think she cares to be “hot”. I find her very pretty but not sexy. Do you like her legs?

  • The Devil

    Are you fuckin kiddin me?

    Comparing a piano playing R&B singer to the father of rock music and two of the greatest legends of rock & roll may be the dumbest comparison in the history of this “bastardly” site.

    That’s like saying, “When people think that John Lennon’s talented, it makes me appreciate people like Mozart even more”.

  • Johnny Mak

    No, not really, because Alicia Keys doesn’t write her own music, and she has no real voice to speak of. She can play the piano, but that’s about it. But her music barely shows off her piano skills, anyway.
    Pop, Hip Hop. and R&B are trash these days. None of the artists write their own music, they’re just puppets used for their image to sell recycled, overproduced trash.

  • Xatalia

    Beautiful face, one of the hottest black women
    and love her body type, its so curvy and thick

  • Boz

    she’s pretty..
    I like her.

  • AlinaMaria

    Appreciation of music is completely subjective, that’s the beauty of it. Just because one person thinks she’s bad doesn’t mean she’s bad and just because I think she’s good doesn’t mean she’s good; it just means I think she’s good, and ultimately that is all that matters to me!

  • Glimmer

    it just means I think she’s good, and ultimately that is all that matters to me!

    but if she didn’t fit the whatever of what’s considered ok now. you may not have heard of her to appreciate her. so j.m’s post has some validity.

    big pop music doesn’t happen/nor is it appreciated in a vaccum.

    don’t want to seem i’m bashing you a.m.(i’ve posted under you three times recently with abit of a disagreement…)

  • AlinaMaria

    I’m sure she would still be a musician in some capacity and there would always be some way to listen to her even if she wasn’t the big star she is. My musical taste isn’t just limited to the big pop stars, I really don’t dislike any genre of music completely. But I just don’t think it’s fair to say pop music is crap or people who listen to it are stupid bla bla because liking something is so completely subjective that you can’t judge someone based on the fact that their tastes are different to yours. I don’t like that ‘Kei$ha’ song but I don’t think any less of the people who do or think that my opinion is somehow superior to theirs. Music and the arts in general are just to be enjoyed without prejudice in my opinion.

  • Glimmer

    ‘I really don’t dislike any genre of music completely.’

    you’re so much better than me a.m. 🙂

  • Phillip McCracken

    if music sucks to me, it sucks, regardless of teh Genre…

    the problem is, people who have no mind of their own and are ONLY listening to shit cause its whats “popular”

    i like some Popular music admittedly, but, having to hear like Empire State of Mind every hour on the radio (long story, id ont control radio in my work truck, guy iw ork with is a wigger) isnt gonna make me LIKE it more, it makes me HATE IT more since, well, it sucks, and hearing it MORE doesnt make me like it.

    the problem is people who ONLY listen to what they hear on teh radio, and nothing else, or think something is GOOD just cause its “popular”

    IE Goliano and his BS arguemant about Rihanna the other day…”oh her record is godl already so you dont know good music”

    record SALES doesnt determine QUALITY, it determines PREFERENCE.

    Titanic is teh BEST SEILLING movie of ALL TIME… is ANYONME gonna try and say that its BETTER than like Gone with teh wind or citizen kane to name TWO of a throuand movies that are BETTER.

    people need to learn the difference between….

    “Good” and “Favorite”

    people can like what they want and listen to what they want, but dont try and tell me something is GOOD when they only reason anyone GIVES A SHIT about it is cause ist on teh fucking radio EVERY 30 SECONDS…

    like that piece of shit Blame it on the alcohol song and “tyou the best” by drake… those are PERFECT Examples of what i mean.

  • Glimmer

    drake is hip hop’s new religion. ok i’m blotching it but there’s some big cover of a music mag that says something similar.

    and if you hate ‘Empire State of Mind’ you’re really suffering.they’ve been playing that for weeks/and weeks. but i’m sure you already know that. 😉

  • AlinaMaria

    Well maybe thats why i like her because i dont actually listen to the radio all that much, i just buy records and hope for the best. I dont listen to all that much modern music TBH but i like Alicia and Beyonce and Shakira, just because it makes me want to dance and have a good time. Mostly though i like music that hardly ever gets played on the radio. I like a little bit of everything though, depending on my mood!!

  • Phillip McCracken

    dude. Glimmer. ive heard “Empire State Of Mind” more times in 4 months than ive times jerked off in 30 years…. the guy i work with ONLY listens to Hot 97.1

    their playlist is liek 10 fucking songs any given day.

    yes, listening to this shit makes me give up on music having ANY future… it kills me that they cant play no 2pac, or Wu-Tang or PE E V E R.

    but look at the LYRICS to empire state of mind… and people think JAy-Z is a genius…

    the guy makes NO FUCKING SENSE…

    “if jesus is paying lebron, im paying dwane wade”

    um, he thinks that teh guys who owns the Cavs is Jesus? and, last i CHECKED Dwane Wade PLAYING ON MIAMI… NOT FUCKING THE NETS which Jay-Z owns stake in…. funny how he doesnt BRAG about owning the 3-39 nets isnt it?

  • The Devil

    She DOES write her own music.

    You don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    And John Lennon and Bob Dylan have TERRIBLE voices. They were just great songwriters and musicians, but you wouldn’t hire them as singers would you?

    So, while I am a fan of theirs and not really a fan of Alicia’s artistically, I’m not gonna discount the fact that she is a singer/songwriter/musician/producer and has some talent.

    You don’t have to like somebody’s music to admit they have talent. I don’t like polka, but if I see a guy playing the accordion, I’m not gonna act like, “That guy sucks”. He has talent, he’s just not playing music I’m into.