Tiger’s Mistress #3 Cori Rist Talks “Tiger Love” on Italian TV

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

I’m really diggin’ the “Evil Tiger” photo in the back. It’s almost like he’s a convicted terrorist.

Anyway, after making an appearance on “Today Show” back in mid-December, Cori’s taking the “kiss n’ tell” show international. She appeared on a popular Italian TV show and talked about her adulterous relationship with Tiger Woods.

Why doesn’t Team Tiger just pay off these chicks so they can shut the hell up and let everyone move on with their lives? After all, that’s why they signed up with Tiger’s penis in the first place, right? If anything, these chicks sound bitter & disappointed that their sugar daddy got exposed and they’ve since been cut-off from the cookie jar.

Anyway, here’s what Cori had to say on her “Today” interview:

Asked to compare herself with the other women rumored to have slept with Woods, Rist said “I’m not like most of these girls,” but also added that she was “not judging them.”

Rist teared up when discussing how her connection to Woods has affected her son. She expressed remorse for her actions, saying she is “very ashamed” of the affair. Speaking about Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, Rist said, “I can’t imagine the pain she is feeling right now…. I was being selfish.” She also took a shot at Woods, telling “Today” that “he has a way to make you believe that he’s a very honest and good man…. I don’t think he’s an honest man.” [Source]

UPDATE: Supposedly Tiger was spotted at his sex rehab clinic (whatever the fuck that is). It’s the “Enquirer,” so I’m very skeptical: