Yvonne Strahovski Twitter Pic Brings The Afternoon Links!

– AnnaLynne McCord Flashes Her Tasty Little Peach [HollywoodTuna]
– Miss COED: Emily Lynn [CO-ED Magazine]
– Tightest Pants Ever of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

– Ke$ha Blames Public Urination On “Animal Instincts” [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Octomom is now dating [Celebslam]
– Hotties [Double Viking]

– The Troll Does Not Stand For Anyone! [Dlisted]
– Lady Gaga’s New Hairdo [Celebrity Odor]
– 20 Great Moments In Wingman History [Manofest]

– Mya Matthews [Flabber]
– Don’t mess with crazy white guys [Monkey Review]
– The Jonas Brothers Play Football [Celeb Jihad]
– Olivia Wilde in Elle Magazine [Yeeeah!]
– Scarlett Johansson Talks About Spit On Letterman [Popoholic]

– Feature Trailer: The Secret of Kells [MoeFresh]
– Lil’ Wayne had eight root canals at once [The Blemish]
– Pamela Anderson’s Boobs Make A Break For It [The Grumpiest]
– SKI JUMP DX [LingoLux]
– Serbian Still Dre… [The Bastardly Society]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

  • Freep

    those olivia wilde pics…OW!

  • JonYo

    Strahotski wins again…

  • badkittie

    what a random picture to tweet..minimalistic is the best way to go, all girls should be required by law to be as minimalist as possible that way you can truly see their hotness…:D

  • The Devil

    Note to all the ladies out there:

    You look soooo much hotter without a ton of makeup and in a tank top

  • Baboon Hodgkins

    never heard of her. So therefore judging by this pic she’s not too hot

  • Big Papi

    she has a pretty face.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan


  • IamLegend_2000

    I don’t watch chuck so I’ll just go by the picture & give the Aussie girl a 9/10 for being so loved by mother nature and in return not screwing up ma natures work on a surgical table

  • lazydayz

    She was so hot in Masse Effect. lol

  • RoastedNuts


  • Anubisx

    Sexy Miranda

  • AlinaMaria


  • EvilSamurai

    She’s gorgeous.

  • Boz

    I never heard of her too but I think she’s hot.

  • Melzie

    She’s so hot. She’s got a great body, though you can’t see it here… and her teeth are adorable.