BREAKING!! Cheryl Cole Hits Hollywood Studio Without Wedding Ring!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

As we discussed earlier, Manwhore Ashley Cole enjoyed an adulterous relationship w/ a hot, blonde secretary behind his wife’s back (again). Naturally, since this is the second time her husband was caught cheating, Cheryl Tweedy didn’t take the news well.

Since the news broke last week, she left London for L.A. in hopes to avoid the crazy British press/. Luckily the L.A. paparazzi is on top of Cheryl Tweedy’s every move as she makes trips back & forth from the studio—while dressed in extremely hot clothes, of course!

  • spangly

    She’s ridiculously hot.

  • The Devil

    Dude, get over it.

    Women like guys with status and ambition. That guy will NEVER be alone.

    He will always find somebody.

    Women like to pretend that they’re better than us, because we like tits and ass and judge women on their looks.

    They’re worst.

    They will stick with the biggest douchebag of all-times(Tiger, Beckham, Cole), if he has money and status. Then, they’ll run a regular guy through the ringer. If you work too much and aren’t constantly showering her with gifts, or if you’re just too clingy, they’ll be cheating on you WITH the jerk who either will cheat on them or has cheated on them in the past.

    Once you get this, you’ll stop expecting them to be fair and start gettin’ yours.

  • Freep

    i am slightly disappointed i couldnt get a hint of her leg tattoo that i now think is sexy as fuck. OW!

  • IamLegend_2000

    have zero idea why it’s the guys in sports who get the hottie & then chase the nottie which destroys the relationship with the hottie & the the lucky bastard lands nuther hottie….was hottie #2 not payin’ attention
    then there’s the guys like me who will never get a cheryl who we’d be so good to….think I’ll go watch a movie where a sports guy gets beat up by the mob for not payin’ his gamblin debts…half a cup’s better than nothing

  • Freep

    Devil, that drink tastes bitter…

  • Freep

    that she is. she has left America. it’s too soon. spangly, allow me to post some fresh pics of this gorgeous woman that we can all enjoy, i can never see enough.

  • Boz

    Go to hell, ASShley Cole.

  • Afrokid

    I’m over her now…i’m still in love with her ass tattoo though, OW! More hints of that instead of the elg tat imo.

  • Voice of Reason

    She’s single now ^^

  • Freep

    damn right she is and i call first dibs!

  • Voice of Reason

    Hell, I don’t care where I come in on the pecking order haha

  • Freep

    “I’m over her now” just means that i get to post more hot pics of her to bring you back to the winning side. imo that leg tattoo is sexy but how about more hints of her tramp stamp?

    and as far as being over this woman..well…this face wraps it up. you’re buggin’

  • Ari

    …why does she have Tweety Bird tattooed on her ass?? I mean, an effing Looney Toon?! I get it, her name is Tweedy… but that *cannot* be the reason that bird is on her ass….
    Freep, any insight?

  • Freep

    this is the only insight ive been able to manage đŸ˜› apparently there is no full pic of it on the internet and she’s never talked about it. well i guess it’s not like she knew she would be famous one day. hopefully she was drunk and found it to be regrettably hilarious to get tweedy bird tattooed on her ASS…god i love this woman. *sigh*

  • Ari

    was she also drunk and thought it’d be hilarious to get a lame butterfly on her back…? and rose thorns around her leg..?

    again, she is SO friggen hot… but the way she inks and dresses her body is almost tragic.

  • Freep

    those tats are whatever, the one she feels the worst about is the “Mrs. Cole” she has on the back of her neck! ouch.

  • Ari

    oh no!! Seriously? : / Can she cover it up with Mrs. Freep somehow? I’m sure you could design it for her

  • Freep

    well my last name is 4 letters but none are the same. she might just have to keep her hair down for the rest of her life or keep cole instead of going back to tweedy. or wear collar things like this

  • salma

    i’m loving her fuck me shoes

  • Freep

    salma, that’s hot

  • The Devil

    Naw man, it’s just game that I’m givin’ y’all for free.

    Older cats schooled me on it and I’m tellin’ it to my bastards.