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BREAKING! Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Film Bikini Scenes In Miami!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
These were snapped yesterday afternoon.

So yeah, Kim & Kourtney Kardashian are still moping around in Miami filming scenes for their E! TV “reality” TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Kourtney should be tending to her newborn baby boy, but obviously she’s too busy running around the beach with her sister.

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Ultra Punk Avril Lavigne Brings The Afternoon Links!

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– Mischa Barton had a rough night [Celebslam]
– DV Hotties in the Wild [Double Viking]

- The 10 Hottest Parisian Women [Complex]
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– The 25 Dirtiest Newspaper Headlines Of All Time [Manofest]

- Jordan Carver [Flabber]
– Party in Sweden’s pants! [Monkey Review]
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– Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Naked With Banana on TV [Yeeeah!]
– More Scarlett Johansson Iron Man 2 Superhero Sexiness [Popoholic]

- Trailer: Kill Speed [MoeFresh]
– Kourtney Kardashian thanks Photoshop [The Blemish]
– Katy Perry Bikini Pictures [The Grumpiest]
– AltShift [LingoLux]
– The Women Of Italian TV! [The Bastardly Society]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

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Amanda Seyfried @ “Dear John” Screening in London

Amanda Seyfried plays the lead role in “Dear John,” which actually released back in early February here in the States. Amanda followed that up with an erotic-thriller titled “Chloe,” which released last weekend. The latter was produced by “Up in the Air” producer Jason Reitman. And, her final film of 2010 is the romantic drama “Letters to Juliet,” starring Chris Egan & Vanessa Redgrave.

Here’s the trailer for “Chloe”:

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BREAKING! Anna Kournikova Took A Cab @ LAX!!!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Anna Kournikova continues to play for the St. Louis Aces in the World Team Tennis league… besides that, no new rumors about her Enrique Igelsias.

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Morning Love: Amber Heard in “French Revue de Modes” Spring 2010 Issue

Amber Heard is simply too beautiful for such tiny pictures, so if you can get your hands on a physical copy of this magazine, make sure you check out the layout in print.

For those of you who can’t get a copy, you’ll just have to wait for one of Amber’s many films set to hit theaters this year. She has a total of five flicks set to drop by the end of the year, so major props to all the Hollywood bigwigs behind their relentless pursuit to pimp Amber Heard to the masses.

Her latest movie “The Joneses” goes into limited release on April 16th. Check the trailer below:

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Gemma Arterton @ “Clash of the Titans” Premiere in London

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Gemma Arterton stars as Io in Clash of the Titans.

In Greek mythology, Io (pronounced /ˈaɪ.oʊ/ EYE-oh or /ˈiː.oʊ/ EE-oh, in Ancient Greek Ἰώ [iːɔ́ː]) was a priestess of Hera in Argos,[1] a nymph who was seduced by Zeus, who changed her into a heifer to escape detection Wiki

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Jessica Szohr: Op Advertisement… Only at Walmart

Jessica Szohr is Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl and says that she has the show to thanks for helping her learn to dress.

“I’m learning more and more about clothes and designers from being a part of Gossip Girl and living in New York. In fittings now, I’m like, ‘I love that Diane von Furstenberg skirt or this Rag & Bone jacket,’ whereas before, I wouldn’t have recognized those labels.”

“I see all these pieces that Vanessa wears and I’m like, ‘Wait, I’ve got to get that!'” Source

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