AnnaLynne McCord Ran The Triathlon For Life Last Weekend!

I guess this is what D-List celebrities do when they’re not invited to the Oscars nor the countless star-studded after parties that follow. Look at Kim Kardashian, she decided to randomly hit up Costa Rica with Reggie Bush…

  • Peccavi

    so that’s how she gets that body. you know… sex is a much better work out than running. Don’t wear yourself out Annalynne.

  • FallenRawToast

    Wow a reall D-lister crew, still mad props for doing a triathlon though.

  • fact

    Fuck kellan lutz, I want to eat her out

  • d55

    The other day, for the first time, i saw this bitch on tv. She looks better in pix than she does on TV. I don’t find her attractive anymore. She is annoying.

  • Man Face Maniston


  • Man Face Maniston

    Anytime somebody posts a comment that different from the rest I just want to laugh.

  • The Devil

    Um. . .

    Why are y’all fuckin’ around with this bitch when ya got Vanessa Minillo standin’ right next to her?

  • Caitie Harmful

    Minillo fucked Nick Lachey.

    And she did Disaster Movie (the only good part of that movie was Nicole Parker as a psychotic Princess Giselle).

    She’s tainted.

  • The Devil


    Nicole Parker is that chick.

    One of the ONLY decent things about Mad TV ever.

  • Freep

    i dont know which i think is uglier, her or the shoes she’s wearing

  • Caitie Harmful

    Her & Crista Flanigan are comedic goddesses.