BREAKING! Mischa Barton Shows Off Her Meaty Legs In Beverly Hills!

Let’s just say Mischa’s not the ideal candidate who should be spotted walking around exposing her legs to the paparazzi. It’s just not right—for the spectators, nor her self-esteem.

As we reported a couple days back, Mischa’s set to appear in a total of four films this year. Now, we’d love to say that scoring leading roles in all these films is a big accomplishment, but we all know how Hollywood works. Besides all the personal, back-room favors & extremely low fees, I’m pretty sure Mischa’s signing up for anything that comes her way. Whatever the case, major props to her for wringing every last penny her dwindling fame can manage to attract.

  • The Headliner

    I’m still in

  • Mundo

    Dang overflated need to let some air out…begining to look like Miss Piggy…

  • Kristin

    I threw up my lunch.

  • JonYo

    So, I guess she only has 2 speeds: cracked out looking or giganto-thighs. I suppose as long as she doesn’t get hugely fat, this is her healthier mode. See, she’s smiling? Maybe she’s happy. Hard to say though.

  • chibchakan

    WTF happen to this girl? She used to be so hot.

  • hula

    Seriously she looks sick, her eyes and face are too bloated.

    And those shoes have to be in the top 3 of most stupid shoes ever

  • Big Papi

    Yeah yeah, a chunky ass stoner, but still, I bet sliding my hard cock in her ass would be like a warm knife cutting through a stick of butter. I’d be obliged to smoke a fatty with her then drain my nuts in her bowels.

  • FoxyRoxy

    She obviously just does not give a fuck what anyone thinks anymore.

  • Racer X

    She should make fitness videos.

  • The Devil

    I don’t know guys.

    It’s not even funny anymore.

    She looks kind of scary.

    Like “mental” scary.

    I think she’s got some bigger problems than meaty legs these days.

  • LaLa

    Ugly and out of shape.

  • hermione

    Lordy. When I was about 14 and the O.C. first aired, my friends and I used to regard her as the peak of physical perfection. And now…!

  • Freep

    i live in the “Whaling City” so i have an inherent urge to harpoon her