BREAKING! Mickey Rourke Uses Broken Arm To Carry Starbucks Coffee & Cigarette!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Mickey Rourke is the embodiment of the fruits of money & fame.

When he was spiraling down the trailer trash rabbit hole a few years back, he just had his trusted dogs to keep him company. Now that he has consistent work & a fat bank account, he’s got his very own mail-order Russian sex-slave, who’s not only hotter than most Hollywood celebrities, but also just as freaky as those overly tattooed chicks Jesse James like to bang. Hats off to Mickey Rourke for giving all hopeless bastards in the world a reason to keep going…OW!

Anyway, these were snapped yesterday afternoon as Mickey cruised through Manhattan’s pimped-out Meatpacking district with his Ruskie hottie, Anastassija Makarenko. The freaky couple were spotted shopping at an eyeglass store before returning to Mickey’s pimp-pad to have long hours of cracked-out tantric sex.

  • Boz

    damn it, he’s so fugly..
    aging is really a bitch.

  • Johnny Mak

    wow he’s disgusting.

  • joey

    Mickey Rourke looks beat to shit. His face reminds me of Heath Ledger’s the Joker. I wonder how long it takes before the roles dry up again.

  • EvilSamurai

    I don’t think he was acting in The Breakfast Club. Seriously he has it going and women love him, busted-up swollen face be damned.

  • The Devil

    He looks like “The Mask”

  • Afrokid

    Lmao, that mothafucka is UGLY MAN. I don’t think you can be any scuzzier than Mickey Rourke, just look at what this cat is wearing in the pic, just damn how the fuck does he do it man!?

  • chibchakan

    I can’t help but be happy for him. If only I had money and fame too.

  • Freep

    i want him to coach in so i can master his bastardly ways

  • Hannah

    Who gives a shit about his face. Here is a guy who can literally make a pair of pants rip right off by saying one sentence to you. God he’s so fucking awesome haha