BREAKING! Mischa Barton Picked Her Nose In Public at Canyon Park!!!

Mischa Barton was digging for gold at Canyon Park in Beverly Hills while taking her dog out for a walk. With the news of her credit card being denied and the sale of her 7,600 sqft mansion, she needs to land more roles. She’s rumored to star in Upstate with Chace Crawford, odds are she’ll take the role.


    You can just hear Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady” playing in the background

  • Mundo

    Misha I got something to poke your nose with….well you’re definetly off my list now..Boogers on top, cottage cheese on the bottom..disgusting combination…

  • Skimode

    How come nobody acknowledges her “technique?”…I give her a 9 for effort!

  • miley virus

    reminds me of miley

  • Duck Hunter

    LMFAO! More celebrities should do random shit like this, fuck a public image.

  • Philr Crackin

    Come on – Somebody wants to Eat Her Boogers – Don’t they?

  • The Devil

    1989 called and it wants it’s pants back.

  • LaLa


  • The Headliner

    Do they really have to be associated with 89?
    How about 88?

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    what the hell’s up with those mumsy, skort-type shorts? She looks like she shops for her clothes at Wal-Mart.

  • Afrokid

    As a dude who loves thickness in nearly every category, those cottage cheese legs ALMOST rope me in for a second, but damnit man i keep asking why Moe? Why do we get this? Why do paps still shoot this cheek!? WTF MAN!?

  • Boz

    that’s so fucking gross..

  • The Devil

    Nah, this is more 89-91 than anything else.

    People used to wear those horrible Zubaz pants and all that “funky” looking shit in ’89.

    The ’80s were real gay like that.

  • Freep

    she’s just so so grimey