Random Hotties in Attendance @ Sony Ericsson Open Party in Miami

Photo Credit: Splash News Online; Pictured: Lauren Pope

Many celebrities & athletes were in attendance at a party thrown to celebrates the Sony Ericsson Open which kicked off earlier this week in Miami. You can follow all the action on the tournament’s official website.

  • The Devil

    I’d do real fucked up stuff to Mel B. and then make Eddie Murphy pay for it.

  • Mike Litoris

    More random than hottie.

  • d55

    hotties? puhlease.

  • mlady

    bahahhhaha……mel b’s hair….

  • chibchakan

    Who are these slunts?

  • wiseblood

    i don’t get it. how many pairs of beer goggles are you going to give me before i let even one of these whores in my house to give me a hand job and do my laundry.

    i have standards. albeit very low. but i have standards.

  • Boz

    random hotties? you gotta be shitting me.

  • Big Papi


  • Freep

    more like “Random Uglies in Attendance”

    that first chick is so weird looking