BREAKING!! Vanessa Hudgens Made A Leggy Jamba Juice Run! Ow!

These were snapped a couple days back in Los Angeles.

It’s nice to see the sort of power that Zac Efron has over his women! I wonder what else Vanessa does to keep him happy…

And, what’s up with the secrecy?! If she was at the Coffee Bean buying two fraps topped with whipped cream or at In-N-Out bagging a couple cheeseburgers, then I can see the point in covering up, but Jamba Juice should be a proud camera-whoring moment. Then again, who knows what’s going on with Vanessa’s face (we could dive deeper into this, but we’ll leave Vanessa alone…for now).

  • George Louis Costanza

    I have a huge crush on this girl, even more so than Marisa Tomei. I wonder if she’s into bald men…

  • d55

    bitch puhlease covering her head like she’s some important shit. Notice how nobodies do it while people like angelina jolie never does it? ugly legs, even uglier feet and mouth.

  • miley virus

    she’s the third hottest disney chick after selena and aly michalka


    wont lie… I think her legs are nasty and too big….. strong like bull

  • Big Papi

    she’s getting some serious Birkenstock feet. they weren’t this wide a couple years ago.

  • Mundo

    Yeah nice legs alright..but I still hate her ugly smile smirk..good thing she’s covering her face, the only good thing about this shoot.

  • The Devil

    Damn, what is it late ’80s week or something in Hollywood.

  • Boz

    I want Mila Kunis.

  • the kitten

    i love the look of a woman in shorts paired with a long lightweight cardigan sweater. i want that sweater vanessa!

  • Freep

    “(we could dive deeper into this, but we’ll leave Vanessa alone…for now)”

    you better or she’ll sue your ass!

  • Afrokid

    Man, all this week man nuffin but Vanessa Hudgens, i didn’t really like her before, but god damn legs are nice! Just went from six to midnight, and back again when i saw her FEET, nooooooooooo i’ve been skipping Leni’s rants about them every post, but damnit now that i look at em, LOL WTF!?

  • Leni

    haha 🙂