Candice Swanepoel @ Victoria’s Secret 15th Anniversary of the Swim Catalog

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Initially, we were contemplating just posting up Candice Swanepoel from this event, but since Alessandra & Miranda have driven a ton of traffic for us over the years, we gotta show them love as well.

Anyway, it goes without saying that Candice is by far the hottest chick on the Victoria’s Secret payroll at the moment. Let’s hope the company shows her a ton of love by buying some time on that huge-ass billboard in SoHo (Houston & Broadway face south) or even the side of the building on Broadway (faces north). Whatever the case, what we’re demanding is a spaceship size pic of Candice pimping either a bikini or lingerie.

  • Bowser

    Those eyes are so ridiculously pretty. Too bad they’re not as pretty as Mila’s!

  • General Delacroix

    All I know is that she looks better than Alessandra Ambrosio.

  • jta

    I’m loving her outfits lately

  • George Louis Costanza

    Her and Doutzen are the best VS models imo.

  • EvilSamurai


  • Peccavi

    Cute… just not my favorite.

  • d55

    I don’t like the face here at all…but those eyes and eyebrows i love…her smile is too gummy

  • d55

    but wrinkles around those pretty eyes already wtf?

  • Caitie Harmful

    I see absolutely nothing wrong here.

  • AlinaMaria

    Yeah I noticed them too, weird but I know people my age who have them too. Maybe they’re genetic?

  • azezeal

    Candice is win

  • d55

    maybe or too much partying, staying up late, etc causes the wrinkles to show up earlier

  • miley virus

    her face is kinda weird

  • ladylazarus

    yup, i agree… looks blotchy and she needs a good facial, i see some little white heads forming that are really bothering me, i want to pop for her. lol and then exfoliate her skin with some good old apricot scrub, then follow up with a light toner and oil-free moisturizer.

  • Bubba McFadden

    I love Candice, but let’s be honest – Adriana covered in baby vomit is sexier than all of the VS models combined.

  • ladylazarus

    ehhh… not her best. she’s still really hot but something is off about the face today, maybe it’s that hairstyle. her foundation is really irritating me too… i can tell it’s piled on and her skin looks bad.


    she looks Gorgeous here! You people are crazy her body looks great and the dress is bomb as hell! OWWWW

  • Topkap?Saray?12

    I don’t like her smile.But she’s a beauty.

  • brazilianbastard

    girl crush alert! this girl is stunning!

  • Hanson McCock

    “…looks blotchy and she needs a good facial…”

    No worries, I’ll get right on that!

  • Big Papi

    love that hair, but you just know it’s that fake shit everyone wears now.

  • Mundo

    I just have one word….Gorgeous.
    If I could go back in time, and had
    the slightest chance to meet and date
    this girl, I would put her on an alter
    and wouldn’t even let the air touch her…
    that’s how pretty I think she is…sigh.

  • Philr Crackin

    WTF ….. That Dress is WAY TOO LONG

  • that-davo-bastard

    She is fucking gorgeous & if she paid me the slightest bit of attention she would have me on my knees… My heart belongs to Miranda however….

  • xo

    shes gorgeous.. but has bad skin, she needs to visit the aesthetician : / looks like she has alot of under the surface bumps.. called closed comedones.. fucks up her otherwise angelic looking face

  • McPerv

    Team Candice? Team Doutzen? I’ll take them both.

  • xo

    Doutzen gorgeous. Candice beautiful… why must one choose??

  • shin shin

    WoW what a coincidence her names Candace it almost sounds like Cameron. Funny that people with the same types of name’s usually look the same too.

  • Boz

    Gawt dayum, she’s fucking gorgeous.

  • miley virus


  • Andromeda18_

    Everyone has wrinkles around the eyes when smiling. It’s actually a sign of an honest smile.

  • AlinaMaria

    No, they aren’t smile lines and I do not have them when I smile. Because I have young skin…

  • d55

    No, they do not, omega.

  • Andromeda18_

    Like I said, they’re the reflection of an honest smile which means they only show when you’re smiling because you feel joy. It won’t work if you’re smiling in front of the mirror because that’s not an honest smile. It has nothing to do with age, even children have wrinkles around their eyes when they smile.

    “The first recorded scientific studies into smiling were in the early part of the nineteenth century when French scientist Guillaume Duchenne de Boulogne used electrodiagnostics and electrical stimulation to distinguish between the smile of real enjoyment and other kinds of smiling. He analysed the heads of people executed by guillotine to study how the face muscles worked. He pulled face muscles from many different angles to catalogue and record which muscles caused which smiles. He discovered that smiles are controlled by two sets of muscles: the zygomatic major muscles, which run down the side of the face and connect to the corners of the mouth and the orbicularis oculi, which pull the eyes back. The zygomatic majors pull the mouth back to expose the teeth and enlarge the cheeks, while the orbicularis oculi make the eyes narrow and cause ‘crow’s feet’. These muscles are important to understand because the zygomatic majors are consciously controlled – in other words, they are used to produce false smiles of fake enjoyment to try to appear friendly or subordinate. The orbicularis oculi at the eyes act independently and reveal the true feelings of a genuine smile. So the first place to check the sincerity of a smile is to look for wrinkle lines beside the eyes.

    A natural smile produces characteristic wrinkles around the eyes – insincere people smile only with their mouth.”

    Taken from:

  • AlinaMaria

    People may get laughter lines but they aren’t as pronounced as that. Her skin is dehydrated, you can tell because the lines are very deep. I get SLIGHT laughter lines, but they are not in any way like that and they are certainly not underneath my eyes. My friends who smoke and who have abused the sun get similar lines to Candice though. Sorry, guess you’re wrong. And who smiles in front of a mirror? I’m talking about in pictures where I have been laughing. Maybe you get these lines and maybe you need a better lifestyle/skin care regime.

  • Andromeda18_

    This isn’t about me, nor is it about you, it’s about the fact that it’s normal to get lines around the eyes when you’re smiling, there are several studies that prove it. Of course, since we aren’t all alike some people’s wrinkles will be more pronounced than others’, it depends on the specific physiognomy of each individual. This is why some people tend to have (permanent) wrinkles around their eyes, while others have them around the mouth. Candice might already have some wrinkles despite being only 21, that’s certainly not unheard of, but those wrinkles around her eyes when she’s smiling are there because she’s smiling. They’ll probably be permanent in 10 years or so, but for now those deep lines around her eyes are only there because she’s smiling.