BREAKING! Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Her New Shiny Blackberry Case!!!

I guess people think that Jennifer Love Hewitt cut her hair as a ‘break-up haircut’ and as if we care, she went on record to say that it’s not.

“It’s just a ‘I-need-a-change’ haircut! My favorite headline so far was ‘She Cut That Man Right Out of Her Hair.’ But no–it was really just for me.” Source

  • spangly

    I thought she was wearing her grandma’s bathrobe for a minute!
    What a trainwreck she has become.

  • Peccavi

    you’ve got to wonder whether or not she knows she’s a complete laughing stock. if she does, then i give her props for looking and acting like she does, cuz its probably to fuck with us. if she doesn’t….. well, that’s just sad.

  • Voice of Reason

    Latley she’s been acting as if she’s in a constant role for some Mrs Doubtfire flick.

  • The Devil

    Is she a secretary now?

    Does she have cats?

    It certain looks like it.

  • Boz

    she’s getting really ugly.