Emmy Rossum Brings The Afternoon Links!

– Nicole Scherzinger’s Tight Body For The Win [HollywoodTuna]
– 21st Century Pin Up Perfection [CO-ED Magazine]
– Radha Mitchell Full Frontal [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

– Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Have Dinner [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne are a couple [Celebslam]
– DV Hotties in the Wild [Double Viking]

– Jenna Jameson’s Hottest Pics [Complex]
– Take It! Take It! Take It! [Dlisted]
– Chris Rock Doesn’t Pull Any Punches [Celebrity Odor]
– May The Google Be With You [Manofest]

– Rosie Jones, India Reynolds & vriendinnen [Flabber]
– Roger Taylor without Queen [Monkey Review]
– New Tiger Woods Nike Commercial Voicemail Remix [Celeb Jihad]
– Sarah Jessica Parker is Clearly Anorexic [Yeeeah!]
– Emmanuelle Chriqui Drops Some Serious Cleavage [Popoholic]

– Trailer: The Lottery [MoeFresh]
– JWoww has a good workout [The Blemish]
– Alicia Keys Secret Bikini Pictures [The Grumpiest]
– Fergie Game [LingoLux]
– The New Horrible And Annoying “Trend” Of “Fad” In Rap/Hip-Hop? [The Bastardly Society]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

  • Leni

    Meh, I tried to like her, finally time to give up.

  • d55

    Tried? Why the effort? Be more like me and jump to hating haha

  • Leni

    eh, I’m a nice person……
    but yeah, one more time I see her wearing open toe shoes without a nice pedi and I may turn into a hater, lmao

  • Peccavi

    fuck it… i’ve always thought she was cute. still do. its the innocent thing, makes me want to defile her.

  • The Headliner

    I wish Emmy had some random obsessive freaked out creepy fans to come and defend her

  • hula

    want to give it a try??

  • The Headliner

    lol What you mean?

  • FoxyRoxy

    She has that constant worry look on her face, I know it’s because of her eyebrows but it annoys me.

  • Bolt Uprite

    She’s pretty, but as to being private, didn’t she have a secret husband for about 5 years or something like that?

  • hula

    haha, that you became the random freaky fan

  • The Headliner

    Oh, I’ll try it next time and see how it goes

  • DocHellbilly

    “I swallow your soul, I swallow your soul… blahhhh!!!!!”

  • The Devil

    She doesn’t look as good as she used to.

  • light yagami

    She’s crazy hot, and by that I mean a crazy looking girl that looks bangable

  • Boz


  • xo

    she so damn boring.. and i get this feeling she would be super lame in bed

  • Bubba McFadden

    Yeah – she doesn’t look like the type that would walk into the bedroom wearing a latex outfit while carrying 12 feet of 13 gauge wire. Not that into that type of stuff or anything.

  • FallenRawToast

    OW!!! that is kinky, using odd numbered gauge wire, thats the sign of a master, cause it so hard to find.


  • svetlana

    I actually think this is the best she’s ever looked–she looks better and less like a cartoon character with straightened, lightened hair.

  • Freep

    she looks scary here

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Her body looks good, thats all i would say.

  • jta

    watch ‘Dare’…her character tries to be a little naughty in it.But it’s not even close to your description (:

  • Sierra

    I dislike her for being so cute. That said, it gives me comfort to know that she will never be sexy…

  • Bubba McFadden

    If a woman shows up with 13 gauge wire, she means business. Not that I’m into women who are dominant in the bedroom or anything.

  • miley virus

    i heard she’s a bitch. i find her sexy

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Those eyes… they’re like bambi, on high lol.