Jenna Dewan Brings The Afternoon Links!

These were snapped at the “Earth Made of Glass” premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

– Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets Some Work [HollywoodTuna]
– Miss COED: Francesca Bourjois [CO-ED Magazine]
– LenAnn Rimes Whores Out in Public of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

– True Blood Releases Cast Photo For Upcoming Season [I’m Not Obsessed]
– He said, She said [Celebslam]
– Hotties [Double Viking]

– Dancing With Our Star: Nicole Scherzinger’s Hottest Dance Moves! [Complex]
– Gavin Rossdale Cheated On Gwen Stefani With Courtney Love [Dlisted]
– Here’s Some Motivation To Be Rich, Famous And Powerful [Celebrity Odor]
– The Greatest Song Ever Recorded [Manofest]

– Natalie Blair [Flabber]
– Angry Looking Volcano [Monkey Review]
– Selena Gomez Arrested in Arizona, Deported [Celeb Jihad]
– Randy Quaid and Wife Went to Jail Yesterday [Yeeeah!]
– Olivia Munn Goes Nude For PETA [Popoholic]

– Trailer: Lucky Life [MoeFresh]
– Courtney Love had an affair with Gavin Rossdale [The Blemish]
– Gorgeous Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures [The Grumpiest]
– This is the only Level Two [LingoLux]
– Hourglass Syndrome [The Bastardly Society]
– Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? [The Bastardly]

  • jta

    I don’t like her smile,but with her mouth closed I can even overlook the chin. Nice hair and body,good choice of a dress cause from what I remember she doesn’t have much of a waist.

  • Voice of Reason

    Hot as f-bomb.

  • soccermom

    You can always tell how hot a girl is by the man she dates/marries. Channing Tatum…respect.

    Same with Gisele…Leo and hot as fuck Tom Brady…RESPECT!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt…slimy lookin dudes…she must be very unattractive then.

    Guys go for looks as they are very visual. Just my little theory.

  • Melzie

    She’s hot, looks like a dirty bitch. She could have a career in porn. But I guess she doesn’t have to, since she’s on the Channing Tatum train to riches.

  • iambastard

    Don’t mind the chin. I like her. She looks hot and ‘fun’, even a bit impish.

  • KingFaisal

    Fantastic body and nice face.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan


  • hello

    never heard of her but she is freakin’ gorgeous

  • FoxyRoxy

    I love her eyes and body.

  • RoastedNuts

    She’s sexy! Great set of pictures.


    chins balls… but she’s pulls it off somehow

  • ladylazarus

    i disagree with your theory. :/ dudes are very visual but look at adriana lima… if we were to judge her looks by her man then she’d be fugly. mila kunis and her home alone man, etc. and the inverse of that is quite prevalent too. there are a lot of hot guys with ugly chicks. ahem, cristiano ronaldo has horrible taste in women, so just because those girls were dating one of the sexiest dudes alive doesn’t make them automatically hot.

  • ladylazarus

    a really good example of the latter is fergie with josh duhamel 😮

  • Ari

    you pretty much brought it home with your mila/home alone example. spot on.

  • Voice of Reason

    Everyone loves a crack head.

  • The Devil

    Her body is crazy, but she looks like a possessed apple or something.


  • Boz

    She’s ugly.

  • face84

    Black long hair is so dam sexy on a pretty girl.. she looks so much hotter with darker hair.. ohyeahs

  • BryanZee

    she looks demonic.

  • barranr

    man hands

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    Yep, I’d hit it. I see no reason not too…

  • Ari

    just like poor Butters…

  • dahlia

    Her smile looks frozen and she looks like a bad Megan Fox-double.Her chin shape is really weird, by the way.

  • soccermom

    It’s very unusual for a smokin hot guy to be with an unattractive woman…esp if they have money. Leo and Tom Brady could have ANYONE. Lots of POOR hot women are with rich ugly dudes…that’s the oldest

  • FallenRawToast

    hey at least butters could self teabag himself with that particular “affliction”…

  • soccermom

    A LOT of guys I know find Fergie hot… It’s her hump and lovely lady lumps.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    She kind of looks like Michelle Pfiffer, younger and dark hair of course… but she could pass for her daughter…