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Nina Dobrev Brings The Afternoon Links!

That’s the same hat she wore to the Lakers game

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Megan Fox Kicks-Off “Jonah Hex” Marketing Campaign At LAX! OW!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
These were snapped yesterday in Los Angeles.

As expected, Megan Fox is oiling up the marketing engine to pimp her latest movie “Jonah Hex,” which is set to release on June 18. These latest pics were snapped at LAX as Megan boarded a flight to (we’re assuming) NYC. She conveniently had her shirt unbuttoned to the point where you could spot her hot pink bra. Way to follow directions of the “Jonah Hex” marketing department, Megan! Ow!

As for photo shoot that’s intermingled with the candid pics, while most of you bastards will undoubtedly enjoy them, I have to admit, normally her pics are tastefully sexy, but this NY Magazine shoot makes her look a bit desperate with those spread eagle poses. I guess if this is what it takes to sell tickets at the box-office, then so be it!

New York Times Magazine

Memorial Day Love: Kesha Rocks Her American Flag Hot Pants! Ow!

I know a lot of you bastards won’t like this, but I find Kesha unspeakably annoying—almost as much as Kobe Bryant, so I won’t waste much time talking about her. Ok-ok, I’m just lazy and don’t want to write, but I do find her music annoying and have no idea how anyone producing complete shit can earn millions. We produce daily doses of complete shit and don’t earn millions, so why should she?! Fuck.

All I can say is that these pics were snapped a week or so back in Wales at the Radio One’s Big Weekend music festival.

Anyway, hope everyone’s having a great Memorial’s Day weekend!

BREAKING! Ultra Punk Avril Lavign Kisses Brody Jenner Goodbye @ LAX!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
These were snapped yesterday at LAX.

I can’t believe Avril’s hooking up with one of Hollywood’s most renowned man-whores. I guess chicks must sleep with Brody Jenner & then spread the word about his various talents in the sack b/c it always shocks me how many chicks this dude goes through each year. Many props to him, but he’s still a Bastardly Man-Whore (which isn’t a bad thing at all, if you think about it).

As for Avril’s latest moves on the career front: She announced in March 2010 that her second fragrance will be called “Forbidden Rose” (OH MY GOD!!) and will be an extension of Black Star’s “follow your dreams” message. She stated the advertising campaign would be a Gothic garden theme (TOTALLY PUNK ROCK!). [Source]

Megan Fox: Bikini Pics in Maui (w/ Brian Austin Green)

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

We already know that Megan Fox won’t appear in Transformers 3 and that Rosie Huntington-Whitely is her replacement. Now conflicting reports say that Megan would’ve never done Tranformer 3 because she wants more money or because she wanted to be treated like a human being.

“Megan only got $800,000 for Transformers 2,” claims a robot-flick insider very familiar with Fox’s personal and professional dealings. “I heard her say she only got $800,000 several times, and, I guarantee you, that’s why she didn’t do the third one. She wanted more money.”

“She got paid way more than that,” says a close Fox friend and ally. “This was never about money. It’s always been how she was treated as a human being, it just wasn’t good.” Source

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