• EvilSamurai

    She looks amazing here.

    Gemma “I want to fuck you”

    Jake “Uh I don’t swing that way girlfriend.”

  • Athalie

    Gemma is really pretty but that dress is awful.
    And Jake…mmm.

  • Voice of Reason

    She looks better than her last post, but there’s too much shit going on her outfit towards the bottom.
    Also, ass shots should be mandatory for most women.

  • Altair

    her lips are MURDER!!

  • AlinaMaria


  • AlinaMaria

    “I promise I won’t tell anyone you take it from Austin Nichols”

  • salma

    I want to fuck him

  • hello

    I don’t mind the dress so much but hate the shoes. Also, she looks better in these shots than in the video

  • The Devil

    “See folks, I’m not gay. . . . . . Seriously, it was just a fucking movie, move on!!!! I have a girlfriend now!!!”

  • Boz

    She’s lovely.