Linzey Cocker @ “” World Premiere in London

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Since this is Linzey’s first time, here’s more info:

Linzey Louise Cocker (born 19 May 1987 in Eccles, Greater Manchester) is an English actress best known for playing the roles of Jade Webb in the BBC Three comedy-drama series Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Josie in the 2008 film Wild Child.

Cooker is set to star in actor/director fiance Oliver Lee first independent feature May 2010 playing the role of “Becky” in McQueen He is set to star in the UK zombie flick Salvage.[5] Linzey is Engaged to Actor Oliver Lee. [Source]

The film premiere was held at Empire Leicester Square. Here’s the trailer:

  • FoyFoy

    the ways she spells her first name bugs the hell out of me. She’s not bad, but her tattoos look kinda horrible and in the ‘will definitely regret’ category (at least the one on her foot)

  • Bolt Uprite

    …He said ‘cocker’….

  • d55

    ugly, and i won’t even get started with her tats.

  • Phillip McCracken

    shes kinda cute. i like her oversized nose.

  • spangly

    I like her. More Moe!

  • The Devil

    She kinda reminds me of Megan Fox

    She kinda reminds me of Monica Belluci.

    Not as hot as either.



    Ruined by Tattoos.
    Otherwise she ain’t half bad.
    Slutty is still good.

  • Boz

    hm.. i guess she’s okay.

  • Hannah

    Why does she make those annoying vacant doe-eyes and half-opened mouth? She looks like she’s trying to be a blow-up doll, girls and their fucking poses