Jenni “JWoww” Farley @ 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

What to look forward to in season two of Jersey Shore? According to JWoww, “1000 times more drama”.

“I’m definitely a Jersey Shore kind of girl,” she said. “I loved Miami. The clubs stay open later when it’s all said and done. But Jersey Shore … you have to be on the Shore.”

“There’s 1,000 times more drama, 1,000 times more fights, makeups, breakups,” Farley promised. “We’ve become a bigger family, more close. It’s overall 1,000 times better than the first season.” Source

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  • Leni


  • DarrylMusashi

    Enough with that Jersey Crap already.

  • lazydayz

    “You have to be on the shore.”

    Miami is on the shore, idiot.

  • Freep

    you stretched for that one. she’s saying she would rather be in jersey than miami

  • lazydayz

    I’ll stretch your face out of existence, jealous!

  • The Devil

    she’s cheap, slutty, crassy, and a butterface.

    Would still fuck.

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  • greasy

    I’d do it

  • Hannah

    Looks a bit like catherine zeta jones in her prime. It’s sad, she looks like a lot of potential down the drain.

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