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Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Pics in Rhinebeck: Ted Danson, Old People & Hot Reporters

Ted Danson heading back to Delamater Inn after hitting a store in Rhinebeck’s downtown.

So yeah, we drove up to Rhinebeck, NY earlier today to get a first hand look at what’s going down in the small town in the Upstate. Here’s a short list of what we noticed:

1. Each business has something about Chelsea on its window and some even went as far as to rename items on their menu.
2. There are a few decently hot reporters sitting around bullshitting with other reporters. Nothing much happened for the couple hours we walked around.
3. All we saw were really old people walking or sitting around camera-whoring and totally enjoying the limelight. One old couple was everywhere—giving interviews, walking in & out of the Beekman Arms Inn (where it’s rumored Chelsea, her friends & other guests are supposedly staying).

Enjoy the pics below and lookout for more pics as soon as our spy guest within the wedding emails them to us…

Oasis’s Newest Band Member – LIONEL MESSI!

Messi and his mates will join up and disguise themselves as Oasis!

Barcelona star LIONEL MESSI has joined up with his team-mates to create a mock-version of legendary British-band Oasis, and is planning at some point to take them on a disguised and mysterious European tour!

Messi, who played for Argentina during this summer’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa, revealed that he has already taken up the position of guitarist – much like his hero from the band, Noel Gallagher!. Noel and co. have apparently even been invited to a performance by their immitators. A team-mate of Lionel Messi’s has already been recruited to become lead vocalist – taking the position of Liam Gallagher, but it has not been confirmed who this is as yet. However, my sources tell me that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is being mooted for the much coveted role!

The World Player of the Year then revealed “Our disguise is based on how Oasis looked in the mid-90s. We have our wigs, clothes and glasses sorted.”

“We’ll visit the UK. If you’re at a pub or club where we are performing and see past our disguises there’ll be a decent prize in it for you.”

…and I’ll certainly be hitting up all my locals anytime “Oasis” are advertised in the window. That’ll be a one heck of a Messi-night, fo sho’!

Source: The Sun

BREAKING! Daniel Radcliffe Got Wasted in Russia for his 21st!

Radcliffe letting ‘el vino’ or most likely, the Vodka flow, in a night out for his 21st in St.Petersburg, Russia

Daniel Radcliffe, the guy who plays Harry Potter in the film series, celebrated his 21st in style this week by partying it up with some of his lads in Russia!

Radcliffe apparently had a couple’a neat Vodka shots, and was seen to be persistantly asking the bar-man to mix more and more cocktails for everyone around him, in particular his two good friends that accompanied him to the ’48 Chairs’ Club, St.Petersburg. He danced on chairs, karaoke’d and even stumbled out for a quick fag, as he put down the wand and the cape for the weekend! He was said to be “laughing like a hyena all night”.

Potter finally left at 4am, WITHOUT his shoes! He said of his trip “St Petersburg is probably the most incredible, wonderful place I’ve ever been.”

I’m not sure of who is and isn’t a HP loony out there, but I certainly can’t wait for the first part of the ‘Deathly Hallows’ film, out on November-ish. Even if you get bored of all that Voldemort, wand-waving shit, who’d wanna miss a slice of that hottie-in-the-making EMMA WATSON (Hermione), huh!?

Hit-up the trailer for Part 1 of the up and coming HP film here:

More pics of a pissed Wizard…next page!

Irina Shayk Rocks Ray-Ban Aviators as she Catwalks Thru West Village!

These were snapped yesterday in NYC.

God damn!! This chick is seriously hot property right now! After what we saw yesterday, who doesn’t like a lil’ late-afternoon Irina Shayk?

I’m kinda surprised she’s rocking Ray-Bans considering she’s currently in contract with Armani Exchange. Remember when she hit up the A/X’s SoHo store earlier this month for some some P.R. action?

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Hilary Duff had a Pilates Class in Toluca Lake Yesterday!!

Man, someone’s working out a lot lately! Good for Hilary!

It appears Hil’s is doing her best to ditch “the linebacker look” that all haters claim she’s been sporting since her Disney days, but let’s hope, for her sake, that she doesn’t go to the other extreme and become too boney. Dudes need something to grab onto, damn it! Meat in the right places is hot, baby!

BREAKING! Nicole Scherzinger Walking & Talking on Cell AT THE SAME TIME!

These were snapped yesterday afternoon in L.A.

Her jeans couldn’t be much, MUCH worse.

Remember Sophie Monk from last week? We still haven’t confirmed whether she was smoking crack before putting those babies on or whether those jeans were owned by her sugar daddy. If anyone wants to shed some light, please do down below…

Also, anybody know what brand kicks Nicole’s rocking? Thanks.

Kelly Brook Arrives At Heathrow Airport From Los Angeles!!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Kelly Brook appears in Piranha 3D and is apparently in a bikini (w/ Riley Steele) in all of her scenes… and she’s got no problem with being casted for those types of roles.

‘If people want to cast me in roles for my body or how I look, I’m just going to embrace that because that’s not going to be the case forever.

‘It doesn’t make me any less important than anyone else in the movie just because I’m in a bikini. That’s just the role I play. It’s as much a part of the story as the piranhas and everything else.’ Source

Mila Kunis Drinks Iced-Coffee Beverage While Walking in NYC

Recently we’ve posted photos of Mila Kunis (w/ Justin Timberlake) on the set of Friends With Benefits. However, Mila will be seen, along with Natalie Portman, in Black Swan, set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 1st with a public release date yet to be determined.

A New York City ballet company is producing Swan Lake, and director Thomas Leroy (Cassel) decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre (Ryder) with ballerina Nina (Portman). Nina lives with Erica (Hershey), her overbearing mother and a former ballerina. Nina finds competition in new dancer Lily (Kunis). Swan Lake requires a ballerina who can play the innocent White Swan, which fits Nina, and the sensual Black Swan, which fits Lily. The dancers’ rivalry changes into a bizarre friendship, and Nina begins exploring a dark side of herself. Wiki

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