Did Whitney Port Get Career Enhancing Implants?

We’ll start off with a nonsensical bullshit Q: I understand Whitney’s show on MTV is on it’s second season, but would she still be classified as a member of the D-List community? We’re kinda confused.

As for the rack in these pics snapped a couple days back in Maui. The reality TV star is currently vacationing with her TV buddy, Jo.

  • EvilSamurai

    She is not horrendously ugly. Probably hittable with beer goggles. But why don’t we let Russel Crowe give her a career ending phone to the face instead of career enhancing fake tits?

  • Prof Bastardly

    If they’re fake, they’re high-grade. Very nice motorboat track. Who is she?

  • Altair

    Nice milk bags regardless

  • Vitriol

    she looks like a retarded squirrel.

  • face84

    Her nose job is fucked up.

  • Irons

    Nice body, fake rack or not. Her belly looks great!