JoJo @ 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards

Jojo has been working on her third studio album for some time now after leaving her previous record label. For those who care, “All I Want Is Everything” is set to be released later this year with the lead single rumored to be “(I Only Know Him) In The Dark”. Apparently over 25 tracks have been leaked but it’s not confirmed which tracks are set to be on the final release. Wiki

  • Altair

    she has a nice dumper, ill say that much.

  • Leni

    Can’t hate on her, not pretty but there’s something about her that I really like.

  • jimbo

    wow the jaw is back not seen her since i watched RV first time round. i still kinda like her but whats with the saggy baps she still must be pretty young

  • Freep

    25 leaked tracks and nobody wants to listen to any of them. i guess i like her eyes

  • lazydayz

    She stinks and I don’t like her.

  • Mundo

    Hummm, not something I would chase around or stalk, but I certainly wouldn’t turn her down, if given the chance..

  • EvilSamurai

    Her face is shaped like an egg.

  • crackrocks

    umm, i guess i’d poke but i don’t really care. she just seems so meh to me (her looks, music, career, personality, etc.)

  • The Devil

    Damned, Jojo done got thick.

    Her face is still a little “unique”, but her body is crazy.


  • SILIS101

    She has mosquito bites on her legs, I would think she is hot if I saw her at a steel mill or a refinery. She is definitely steel mill hot


    bitch looks 40

  • spangly

    Well she looks like she hit the wall and it hit back…hard. Hopefully Demi Lovato won’t go this route.

  • pupi

    She’s starting to look like Ice-T’s Coco.

  • Pamela Susan Courson

    Nah, that’s Lindsay Lohan’s lil sis.

  • ladylazarus

    butterface. not pretty AT ALL but if i were a dude, i’d fuck her. not hot enough to be my girl though. HELL NO. i’d keep that shit on the dl.

  • Boz

    She’s got very weird smile.. not cool.

  • Stephanie


  • scumbag

    She looks so old… like a 30.